Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Along comes the month of February one more sweet time,
Basked in the warmth of a radiant sun, an all new shine…
Amid the whiff of spring and spirit, blooming flowers and hearty laughs,
Along comes the month of February, to once more make you mine…


Our love was flying
Our love was soaring
Our love was shining
Like a summer morning

Our love was static 
our love was greedy 
our love was glued 
like constellation of star gleaming

our love was silence 
our love was serene 
our love was rhythmic 
like oceans of dreams 

our love is power 
our love is magic 
our love is soul
of life endearing


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Untitled Days

It seems dryness on my skin is fading away which safely concludes weather here is changing, at times I fail to figure out which one suits me the most. In last few months I have been through a very different voyage of discovery, trying to figure out meaning of everything to least concerned about anything. 

Is this what they say about being childish to growing up mature? As soon as your horizon expands you become more of a center of attention for your own self. Lately I got a chance to see people who try to unfold miseries related to you that you aren’t looking at even. I fail to decide whether being judgmental would help here or not. Giving positive notion to every action doesn’t seem appropriate but it saves me from a lot of hassle. ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude is ruling it seems.

 It seems I am living in a pretty naive world where nothing is making any sense to me and one by one I am conquering stages of life. Few days back I heard a guy talking to another that life is important but money is not. He lost his daughter who had measles.Even I had measles when I was a kid who thought this would become life threatening disease for someone.

May be he means life is now so celebrate it now; whereas most of us keep preparing ourselves to face challenges ahead. Both of the things are correct. Happiness is not only about hanging out, trying wild things, watching movies, reckless nonstop chattering. It seems people are too reckless to stop for a while. Or maybe that’s how money buys happiness.  Happiness can be sitting in front of a heater or tucked in a blanket under arms of your mom’s or a loved one listening to old stories. Does it count as happiness too? It seems I have stopped counting good or bad times so when someone asks me ‘how have you been’? I say pretty good without considering if it was good bad or ok. 

Life is going pretty straight these days with having everything around but no attempt to arrange jigsaw puzzles scattered in front of me. These kind of things don’t seem to influence my mind any more. I am more static nowadays not putting extra burden on my mind just living it the way most of us live. Like a kite tied with a thread moving on sky taking strange turns and curves but somehow someone managed to keep it on sky until dawn that makes it disappear to eyes.

What up these days people? Anything worth sharing ? =)