Sunday, July 31, 2011

a token of gratitude

Love is an undying affair my dear
It constitutes the world and plays with fears

Love brings the magic in an ocean of stars
And furnish the pearl shiny with spars…

Love is the aura of dreams and emotions
It melts down the anger and blossoms ultimate devotion

Love sometimes is tainted; sometimes is lost
Sometimes you are the sufferer; only time you gallop

Love never promises a thorn less path
Still you and I take every chance

Love is in everything sheer or blear
Love is an undying affair my dear!!!

Hello dear Readers!

I confess i am a passive blogger ; sometimes it feels odd calling myself a blogger or a writer. Nonetheless i have a token of gratitude due for you out there. I feel indebted to the least for your kinds comments , appreciations, criticisim and awards i got .

Well really sorry Mishi and ayushi i am not following the trend( taking advantage of being a passive and a lazy one ) for propagating the awards as is due . But My sojourn has come up with an award i.e. ( You are different Award =D) created by me in 1 min 25 secs on our very own Paint.

Here it is :

Rules for this award are nothing ( phew take a sigh ) . Give it to anyone any min ; any sec when you feel like doing it with one different quality you found in fellow bloggers or readers .

My list of winners are as follows :

1)  by Mehreen Asghar ; One of my dear friend : You are getting this award for being a verstaile and an extremely active blogger. She loves it and you can sence blogging to be her life line . I love her blog's outlooks and nevertheless she stands fit for my ' YOU ARE DIFFERENT ' Award.

2) by Ayushi : I found some similar qualities in her ; her love for clothes and she talks random. If i take myself an year back or two and if i was familiar with blogging ; i might have written stuff like her . Time where space is not enough for catharsis and you scacely get time for this =)

3) : I dont know where the blog has gone and where is the owner. He was the one who accompanied me the time i started off with this . He was one of my initial  follower and the last blog i studied their was about his father . I hope everything is fine with him and that a lot of good wishes =). He aptly described few emotions.

4) by iqra : Hmmm seems she is out of sight as well. Seems like i am missing the lot now while i think about them . Well iqra's comments were great motivation otherwise i could have dropped the idea of writing on cyberspace quite ago . :P . Anyways award is for iqra for writing itsy-bitsy of life ; making you smile with extremely well alligned photographs. Thanks iqra.

5) by mishi:  Her secret little diary is really interesting . She is flamboyant,active and an interesting blogger. She writes about societies issues that needs a check and balance also about latest political side hidden or tunred a blind eye by most of us . Good Work!!!

6) Jack : Well a very impressive blog. This is the blog that highlights our social problems and that it seems he has a lot of expereince and a good heart . His writing worth a read and are to be shared. This award goes to you for your expereince =)

7) by thinking : hmmm She has alot of hmmm's making her blog a place where i think about many things. She has a very different ideas listed in her blog. So her hmmm's make her win this award. Keep up the great work.

8) Maj World : Ouch !!! I have lost the link .I remember this blog somehow with the poetry i read therein . =)

9) Antonio Rodrigues by antonio :  He is from portugal and his blog is in portugese as well. Difficult to read but once i worked hard with google translator and found it interesting . He has a kind heart also he visted pakistan and shared our grievances during earth quake . So accept our token of appreciation Antonio.

10) by Ayesha Noor : She is a very capable writer and we need to push her to write more. You can find few classical writings in her blog.Keep Writing Ayesha because you are different. 

11) This award goes to all readers out there hidden , open , responsive, non responsive every one who visited my blog because after this whole exercise i found out that

'Every one is different and you can easily pick one quality from a person; and if you fail to do so then there is some serious problem going on with you'

Trust me on that=)

Take a very god care readers i enjoyed remebering my friends here. I hope i didnt miss any one but in case i did remeber i declared every human to be different. I hope to read more bloggers here also will try to drop my likings and about my self in pieces. for now white is my fav colour and indigo-purple is my crush, umm pink is just so like me  =) i would list down all colours if i went like this .

Thanks for your appreciation ladies and gentlemen while i go and catch a glass of water =)

Take a very good care =)

p.s. donot forget to read my next post ; its about preparation for the month of holy ramadan . A gift for all muslims out there while others are most welcome to read us . More you read makes you best relaiable person.

Friday, July 22, 2011

~ Live In The Moment ~

If you ever get a chance to be in yourself or sit in a quite peaceful garden  for hours looking at the bird chirping, a  thankful Friday , kids taking long swings with the strange rattling  voice that at times is really enchanting at the same time can take you back to your childhood; never miss a chance on that .

Sit their quietly ; watching yourself evaporating in air ; broken into pieces and gauge yourself flowing with the impulse of saying yes I was this at that time, I wanted that at that time. Yes I committed this bad deal there but I was docile then, yes this I regret, this I call love, that I call mystery and so on….

While looking at the piece of cloud shun by emotions and illusions; I am evolving right now from a meaningless notion.  A notion that’s nothing but it devotes me to think; life can take us anywhere in no time. There aren’t any boundaries even if you want to mark line between hatred and affiliation.

It submerges into most acceptable script. Sometimes people who you meet appear as an angel; they play their part and go away. You keep tracking their lost foot prints and save their distinguishing features; their clues and this ostensible part of life lives in forever.

While I said this to someone who joined me in the garden with same mindset; reply I got was nothing is forever only present and that too in your presence.

While I was at home taking sip of coffee and trying to peep into future life line. I had all my doors enclosed with the caption. ‘Only today is the time’. In loneliness when I try to look into past; I drift away with both sweet and accomplished life. So when present violates the rules of being thankful; I find myself thinking about people and their life. It’s my sweetest escape and I find myself coming back in time again to live in the moment now and present.

On closure; a feeling I just experienced and saw it through my mother's eyes who came to me and said ‘one of our neighbors family is moving—(some silence and the voice of truck loading the luggage). So we won’t be able to see them again.Dont know where they would be heading to and where would be I?

Sudden pause --- for how many times we sat on the same sofa and took tea together talking about emptiness that comes in our life more we move…

 I kept looking in her eyes; she has something missing a logging; a wish not to hear more of this sound of loading but time passes by like a smooth sailing with few hunches.

Anyways one day I would be at peace, with no wish, no dream, broken imagination, and no sense of accomplishment; that day I will lose my senses and so would you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Remember ~

Remember those days …

Where wishes were flowers never plucked from the garden
And smile was priceless as breaking sheer momentum

Remember that ceiling
Where we opened our arms and felt we are flying
And also few outrageous one always kept crying…

Remember that whisper
Where I came closer to you and blew off some secret
We giggled whole day and night was spent with no regret.

Remember that love
Where we cared each other like never forgotten
And love was as pure as some divine emotion.


Dreams are scattered like petals under feet
And smile means something that cannot be vividly seen
And flying is away only running seems behind …
And secrets is broken like a cruel famine
And love stays beyond my dubious mind…

( The inspiration behind writing this piece of random poetry at this time;  where my eyes seems to be dropping down is that i saw bunch of mischievous kids today ; while my gaze was pointed at them so they had some random whispers and giggles and astonishment.Believe me i could have extended it manifolds but i refrain )

                         BTW Remember when we were one of them =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

-- Last Word --

It was an instantaneous reaction of the smoke filled clouds moving and capturing glimpse of lightly glowing moon. So I had my eyes erected straight where they go. I feel dizzy I admit; and upper half of my head is convincingly forcing me not to see ahead but what’s hidden in it is mildly meaningful. An ordeal.

 Finding pieces of you in dearth is something I enjoyed doing most of the time. So from interdependence I became dependent completely or partially don’t matter. I see hope in you; find lost faces in yours. And the time we collide I lose your wholesome in air or in the rush where I push people here and there to find you. So today is the last attempt to remove my inhibition. To feel this hope spreading through my veins.

Equation is very simple you had a genuine and an intriguing way to tell what reality is but my dear if it was an ocean of stars flowing one way; I would have converted whole regime. Picked one by one everything coming on my way and reverted it all on the other way just because I wanted you to feel it variedly every time and develop more logics till you had uncovered all the mysteries. But what I learnt in those years is priceless. 

Today I feel weak and my hair turned gray and also I realized that all my fallacies weren’t true as well…
But the sense of loss is no more there. It is converted into fragment pieces; something I enjoyed the most in hour where sadness supersedes. And when I am able to smile again I wrap them up and put them in the most beautiful area of the house I call home. Time never did us a part nor any conspiracy; it’s a mild sensation to make my life a little more happening with all pain and pleasures I got in this whole battle we fought and proudly declare as life.

Imagine what it would be if there was nothing to look forward to; no emotional fluctuations, no distress... how I had realized those feelings that human heart ever go through.
It ultimately made me more humane and emphatically sane.

In the gush of wind i smile aloud; In the dusty dry land i wipe my tears ...

So my last word to you is that this life it wasn’t possible --- next life there is still a hope. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Search of Light ---

In the absence of light and rummaging through the curtains of darkness, there comes a thin white light whose direction is to be followed. Sometimes trust seem to be a shaky balloon which apparently is the most filled substance but inside it is as hollow as mind without a dream. As Faith without a pray. As love without a memory.  
In the absence of dim white light that shapes up the last hope, heart whispers -- run away; without any marked destination; just drive yourself away somewhere you are alone; where you can build a world free of illusions .
It seems like a man who went on a voyage and passing by are the random scenes of both happiness and frivolity but consistency is the last observation of human nature. Nothing is consistent; sometimes it’s the darkness which lays pleasure for your dreamy land. At times it’s the darkness that seeps all negative energies surrounding the environment and pours it all in your heart.
Suddenly you went through a village where peaceful stream is flowing, weather is sunny. The sparkle in water that equates to the beautiful stars twinkling, in the land of serenity and quietness -- is something to stay up for.

But the day had to take a ride and weather had to revolt to exhibit what we call nature. So it all happened sequentially with proper planning. In the far off land where strangers meet; there could be seen a light, dimmer it glows, as if you open your eyes to gaze upon it; it might disperse.
  A tangled condition where you want to see what happens inside that house but you can’t get a sight of it.
Suddenly you could see a fairly aged woman sitting beside that light. She had her hands tighten up somewhere in the brown with some random white streaks of her rough hair. You feel as if she is looking at you;  wants to tell you that don’t travel ahead because nothing is consistent and this beautiful arriving moon will be summed up by these moving clouds and eventually we broke our connection then again she wanted to tell me  how hopes build up the night and prayers moves the day . But I passed it unintentionally; I moved back to catch her lost sight. But whole scene was gone.
While I tried to comprehend all the happening of the day; I could feel a breather – fresh air. Something that can drive my night in search of that thin white light.

In the search of light i might wither
In moving ahead my step might deter

But hopes come with every blessed rain
And covers shines of mighty flame

And when it makes you feel lonesome
Light my friend will guide you home ....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Secrets !!!

It was a desire and a wish that emaciated into a secret. Last hope to see what holds within the broken heart hoping on the last breath; what her eyes see with so much of attention and how glamour sparks within no time.
It all used to come naturally. Something that was never meant to be explained ,only be seen once in a life time and be praised in rest.
Naturally I started feeling tired, naturally weather was so thirsty that it took all my thirst leaving me vacuous and turned me gray. Winter was also very rough; most of the time spell was cast in solitude. With myself covered in almost cozy rag while my mind traversing places and most typical of all I used to hear was the comment ‘You look tired’, unknowingly what my state of mind is, I nodded! I do.  
So I shared little; heard little; just kept all those precious vintages secrets in my heart. Something that never withers only whoops! sometimes so hard as if secret was revealed; as if world got a sudden jolt. But most of the time it stays fervent or completely out of sight. So this exchange of time that I travel within ages I have gone through, drives my life with much jubilation.
 Imagine secret of lives spent in a believe that I kept them closer to heart ; that I chose to rush back in time and enjoyed in gardens and walked in streams when it was tempting. Imagine it suddenly came to me as a beautiful dream, a wide fence with new morning and high stream.
Secrets are the practices: an exercise to find insidious strength that stays within the soul when body goes away.
Secrets of life are long lasting as they have quote of faith and pigment of trust. Their color doesn’t fade away that easily but when it does, It leaves granular pieces of husk and smoke in air , something that never comes back,  as if ashes of fire when town was completely burnt and people made folk tales about the burnt hopes and fixtures!!!