Friday, February 11, 2011

' You Exist as a Glare...When World is in Despair '

There is something special about your presence,
As if glowing a tinge of light in the charcoal dark.

And still I hate you as you cover all the malice with your gyrating smile,
Making me go dizzy; an unknown dab.

Freshness of your skin is the imitation of a flower
That shuns all the norms and goes beyond the flaws.

Let’s go into the crowd where the sun basks
To see the remedy of a ruthless heart, of a fearless spat.

Love starts from there where we turned apart
And shaped the world with  an enormous art.

See through my eyes and you will spot on the brass
That hurdled up the surface that toils for your heart.


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  2. "You Exist as a Glare...When World is in Despair" =)

    ~ I've heard this life is overrated
    but I hope that it gets better as we go ~