Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time and Tide waits for none, What you are waiting for ?

That night I kept holding my last breath to see if I will have to see it for once more but ‘Wait’ till I was given more breath and only thing I fell short…. No fell shot dead was of an 'unknown feeling'.
An unknown feeling hmmm its cloudy outside and I … I dearly want to have some few droplets falling straight on my face when I gaze at the beautiful sky outside; which is homogeneous right now. I wait and went outside again and something unknown hits me --- silence fell, night fell and when this droplet might fell? Aaargh…
* I am rubbing my hand, tapping my foot:Blink...Blink then tring…tring ran towards the phone:
hey I was waiting for your call past 2 hours and you  ...’Oh sorry I will let you talk to her excuse me’.
 An unknown mystifying rather miserable feeling portraying the grim picture and your wrinkles quite visible on forehead, face tweaked as if clock suddenly struck 12 on you rather than in its own origin. You Wait!
** Driver says ‘I am 5 minutes away from your home and be ready’: countdown begins you run to make a lunch; press your dress; time is running … you run for life, your knee had a bad accident with the corner of your bed: ‘OUCH’ ! elbow beguiles to hit you when it effects the most and here it hits the side wall and yeah you feel your whole arm stirred up to the core… countdown begins 
5. Catch your bag
4. Take a Sip of coffee 
3. Go get your lunch box
2. Peep outside the balcony I still have time in hand and ….
1. Give a warm hug to a kid at home … Run... Times up
‘Tring tring’ I am stuck in a bad traffic jam will be there soon.
Ahhh yeah you have all objects in front of you which one you would like to hit on first?
You wait till your lipstick needs a refresher.

*** Every day I have a look at her face makes me go drifted towards her; for she an ethereal creature and every time I get my senses back after an awe-struck and goggling the dictionary to give her a new name, I end up  asking her ‘how’s the weather outside?’ Yeah you got it right ‘I wait’.
**** Every night in my dreams I feel like killing him/her. I can’t have a sound sleep; I hate and I know I won’t be able to sleep, here I go take sleeping pills, you ruined my life; I am just getting up ; here I go …wait… no go …..
 And when you are able to move you already have had a 5 hours steady sleep. Good morning!

***** Every morning at 8 I reach bus stop to be the first one getting on … first bus arrives; flooded with people few are dropped outside; and when you try to place your first foot on stand, it slips away .Wait for the next to arrive soon which is no less than um mm 9nish!

Oh well I am waiting for the droplet to fall ‘straight’ on my face and what you are waiting for?

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  1. These are very good quotations, very deep meaning.