Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blood and Beyond

As the day started I had nothing sorted in my mind as usual; also my hair tangled, floating on my face like some drooped branches in sea moving with wind flow. I sack them near my shoulder but they got entwined around my hand bag. I simply ignore and move forward. Sit and ready to tread the usual path. As soon as I sit I began to remember things that I left back home. I will think of them, find alternative and in any case let it go as well. I reach near lab and stood inside like a person whose mug shot taken and who is ready for inquiry. I drop necessary details and sit in the queue. At this time, its looks like a forlorn cause to reach desk. So I started noticing people. Best thing about this unison is the same energy most of us exhibit. Like a crowd listening to some chant and gearing up with more people coming in. We all are keeping an extra eye one each other and ignorance in eyes. I finally get to the desk; get few droplets of blood extracted from my body. I fear no pain not even the consequences.  I walk by as I see people looking at me. May be I am getting used to it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mind Game

I can feel the heat spanning over my body and heating my brain enough to make me feel spiny head.
There is a feel, a tooth is budding inside but I am unable to feel that pain, instead my mind is working like a type writer and so I prefer to avoid any noise created by my hand. This internal noise is causing me restless, making me think about everything at once, even about how my feet jolts and I consciously try to stop it. Then I wonder if any moment went unnoticed in my brain, in that case I will start again. Right from the beginning, this typewriter thing. 

--tick tick and my mind goes to follow the noise, same pattern is repeated again. Sometimes patterns don't matter, concentration does. And this outside silence is helping me out to concentrate on the internal noise.  Like a spider inside a cobweb, battling in so many strings.