Friday, July 22, 2011

~ Live In The Moment ~

If you ever get a chance to be in yourself or sit in a quite peaceful garden  for hours looking at the bird chirping, a  thankful Friday , kids taking long swings with the strange rattling  voice that at times is really enchanting at the same time can take you back to your childhood; never miss a chance on that .

Sit their quietly ; watching yourself evaporating in air ; broken into pieces and gauge yourself flowing with the impulse of saying yes I was this at that time, I wanted that at that time. Yes I committed this bad deal there but I was docile then, yes this I regret, this I call love, that I call mystery and so on….

While looking at the piece of cloud shun by emotions and illusions; I am evolving right now from a meaningless notion.  A notion that’s nothing but it devotes me to think; life can take us anywhere in no time. There aren’t any boundaries even if you want to mark line between hatred and affiliation.

It submerges into most acceptable script. Sometimes people who you meet appear as an angel; they play their part and go away. You keep tracking their lost foot prints and save their distinguishing features; their clues and this ostensible part of life lives in forever.

While I said this to someone who joined me in the garden with same mindset; reply I got was nothing is forever only present and that too in your presence.

While I was at home taking sip of coffee and trying to peep into future life line. I had all my doors enclosed with the caption. ‘Only today is the time’. In loneliness when I try to look into past; I drift away with both sweet and accomplished life. So when present violates the rules of being thankful; I find myself thinking about people and their life. It’s my sweetest escape and I find myself coming back in time again to live in the moment now and present.

On closure; a feeling I just experienced and saw it through my mother's eyes who came to me and said ‘one of our neighbors family is moving—(some silence and the voice of truck loading the luggage). So we won’t be able to see them again.Dont know where they would be heading to and where would be I?

Sudden pause --- for how many times we sat on the same sofa and took tea together talking about emptiness that comes in our life more we move…

 I kept looking in her eyes; she has something missing a logging; a wish not to hear more of this sound of loading but time passes by like a smooth sailing with few hunches.

Anyways one day I would be at peace, with no wish, no dream, broken imagination, and no sense of accomplishment; that day I will lose my senses and so would you!


  1. Childhood will always be the best part of our life. Let's just keep it that way; the art of letting go; painful, but once you master it, you grow up in a lot of ways :)

    Nice idea!

  2. Humaira,

    Read 3 posts now. Last word is such an eye opening post which shows that at the time of our final departure we recollect all what went past with happiness and regret too. Childhood is so carefree but as we grow we get involved in so many issues that we lose our innocence. One should always keep in mind that past is gone and future is yet to come. So live as per own conscience with lessons learnt from past and future will look after itself. One should never spoil present by fretting over past or worrying about future. I have seen all your posts are tinged with little sadness, would you like to share it?

    Take care

  3. your awards are waiting for you on my page:-)

  4. thanks mehreen =) Right you are !

  5. Hi Jack!

    Thanks for reading my posts. Well quite honestly; i have been struck by this hard fact lately as well. I don't how and why but things come to my mind that way and i pour them here once a week.

    I am not a writer though but i am an observer. If i hear a story i can create images as well. And this is going with me from childhood.

    So none of my post has any resemblance or relevance with me; my life... but may be tinge of my heart and feelings are there i.e. 'if i was there at that time, how i might have felt' can be seen in my posts.

    Thats why my posts are abstracts perhaps. Anyways Thanks for asking this i could spill what i wanted to =)))

    Take a very good care of yourself . Stay healthy .

  6. o mishi =)) thanks buddy !!!

    I will come up with one relevant post very soon =))

  7. Well said.. Live the moment Lets not think about tommorow.For tommorow is not life how it goes,love life what it gives...good blog post :) Its m first time here and I'm already liking it

  8. Thanks solitary writer very much =)) . Hope to see you quite often. Read your post that you wrote about foster parents . I hope we get out of this color based judging syndrome.

    keep writing =)) TC

  9. Excellent Humaira..I read your last two posts especially this one looks very much real , everyone missing the days which already in past childhood when we were so much carefree but obviously this is life , we have to go through it and when we left this world ...only and only memories of all these things with us in our mind...cheers..!!!!!!!!!