Friday, September 23, 2011

~ Ye Nanhi Masoom Si Larki ~

Ye nanhi masoom si larki, Jane kia kia dhund rahi thi

Andheri gallion mein jese chand ka dhara dhund rahi thi
Anjany rastun mein phir badal they aur barkha thi
Najane wo chadar aurhay kab se ye sab taak rahi thi
Na janay kia khwaish thi dil mein, ankhun mein jo goonj rahi thi
Sahil , mandar , darya paani jese wo sab ghum rahi thi
Thori thori khamoshi thi aur phir bhonchal sa a jata tha
Wo dur kinare darya ke sang kuch sehmi sehmi dikhti thi
Wo nange paun rait mein lipti bhagi bhagi jati thi
Phir dur falak aur manzil na janay kese wo paa leti thi
Ye nanhi masoom si larki ghar ka rasta dhund rahi thi
Her ik sheh mein apne ghar ka pur ronaq manzar dhund rahi thi
Chandni raat aur ujhal bojhal , koi kinara dhund rahi thi
 Tangdasti aur alam-e- hu mein koi sahara dhund rahi thi
Is basti ke sehar kinare apna gharunda dhund rahi thi
Ye nanhi masoom si larki janay kia kia dhund rahi thi

My first official urdu poetry debut. I dont know how and when i am strike upon these ideas but trust me when i see my writings on paper i am left bemused. As in what i started to write and how i ended up .
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did while writing and finding these images . Kids they impress me alot in any form or found with any ideology. I cant sit much for story writing now adays so bear me up with slices of these thoughts .
I hope you all had a very good week so did i . A lot to come in my life ahead its like sitting in front of a pandora box and watching it opening up by removing wrappings and coverings of its own one by one.
Take care guys see you again soon =))

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stand By Me >< !!!

And if the darkness pulls me down, will you understand my roots are shattered,
Or if my tongue gets soured will you understand I have been bitten hard.
And the light that buzz around---Will you open room of divinity or perforate the mystery box and share the glee of symmetry
 But will you understand when weather gets colder and rain does shower; I have this urge to fly and when I l get colder will you provide enough warmth or ply
This mountainous rock that we see; that seems many miles away; I know we got to be there … so if I stumble my way will you guide towards it
Will you not pull my wrist tighter and walk just right beside me and if I start looking for other details will you jollify it
And when I get feeble enough and the charming beauty is also gone; will you still trespass and stop and write hundred words of my divinity
It has been a long, long walk and waiting for something unknown and fighting for oneself and be luck or lucky for the swollen soul or the support or may be an ailment or may be a healer but this way was a little too forlorn
so darling darling darling will you stand by, stand by me forever


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its Raining!!!

Few miles down the road, I used to cover in a jest.  Today they seem many miles away.
It’s not that today is some ironic display of finity but consistent sojourn, a sudden change in weather and a long thinking process.
It’s raining so succinctly as if these drops have a very soothing effect kneeling down the nerve and making your bones strong. At the same time; you don’t know which curve it causes more relaxation. Slightly sleepy head; trying to be there; where solace defines exaggerated picture of affinity.
The noise of this continuous beating of rain drops as if you are standing at the pinnacle; open arms embracing cool wind and a river which marks the successive flow of events; changing with every hindrance coming on its direction BUT  it grows with same objective. It is giving you assurance that somewhere it will go no matter what may happen. No matter how badly they cruise the path or may leave you dejected; it will reach where it has to.

Today ironically I am just concentrating on the rain and no other details. Not even about the kid who is gazing at the over showering sky with his mouth open and dancing to relive his joy nor the guy who is trying to jump brick on brick not to have a splash on his tidy clothes.
Sometimes things they come with so much pressure that you may find yourself moving with it avowal of the fact you tilted to move beneath it but you lost. Or sometimes this whirlpool just moves above your head so close that it was nearly about to gnaw at you, but you survive.
Today I have this thankful heart; a long thinking process and this rain while me in almost mildly litted room. A window that opens right towards the sky and this constant drizzling.
For a moment I just want to get hold of it, for some time more =)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In search of the Lost Soul

In the search of the lost soul …
Those feet that bled and bruises that shred,
something that was residing inside me

And constantly it knelt my fears and frets
But arose one spirit that confines me

The spirit that binds my love eventually grows
And love that holds idea behind me

In the desert that are barrens and dry grains of sand
I ran towards a shadow that broke and part the land

One is quenching, one leaves the tempt
And leaves me clueless which one to  lend

But in search of lost soul one must walk
If trotted steps taken or jumping from the dark

If gravity pulls you back or earth throws you pole to pole
Steps must be taken to find the lost soul

to see unwritten 
to wipe off the dirt 
to reach destination 
to engulf all the faith 
to breath in felicitation
to live in the love 
and love without inhibitions.

"Tere ishq mein jo bhi doob giya usay duniya ki lehrun se darna kia "
Whosoever drowned in your love; has no fear of living in this world

After listening to this soulful music time and again; i feel spiritually high 
where fears are tantrums thrown at us and living in this world a try. 

Hope to come up very soon with a story; i am missing story writing a lot=))
take care.