Tuesday, July 7, 2015


He looks a bit worn out, hair not been pampered so well and so is the body language. He probably wants to set himself free but who can once you are tied. Tied down by rituals, emotions and people around you. I miss his smile and the wit but not more than the longing in his eyes, the sparkle which would illuminate the periphery so attractive that you can’t help but slip towards it.

He looks a bit tired of all that now, of talking about beauty and charms and the magic that sets the nodes of life like a beautiful melody. His words don’t float like a calm river anymore, there are hurdles and lack of devotion as if he wants to roll them around but they are tied by the times and stagnant by the realm.

So I set him free and let his mind wander in every careless direction but little does he know the chapter of life that we all want to open is being closed for good, little you can read, little you can remember. Just gifts of memories and that too; times to time; that make you feel helpless, joyful and absurd at the same time.

Nobody wants to leave present, present is endearing and is enchanting. Present is worrisome and tiring. Present is harsh and happening but present is a hope and present is a lifeline of facts and the promises that we will see each other again one more time out of infinity of times that we wish for each other.

This battlefield is so real that it murmurs in your ears to let go of all bad wills just one more time and love so ensnaring that bluffs the deal.

I clutter myself and my thought process easy to drive myself through the night but there is disturbance as pieces of leaves shedding from the tree making weird noises in your head. The whooshing sound making you uneasy but then I hear him calling my name and talking about his stuff , ideas and complaints. I then reckon I can sleep through the night well.