Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stand By Me >< !!!

And if the darkness pulls me down, will you understand my roots are shattered,
Or if my tongue gets soured will you understand I have been bitten hard.
And the light that buzz around---Will you open room of divinity or perforate the mystery box and share the glee of symmetry
 But will you understand when weather gets colder and rain does shower; I have this urge to fly and when I l get colder will you provide enough warmth or ply
This mountainous rock that we see; that seems many miles away; I know we got to be there … so if I stumble my way will you guide towards it
Will you not pull my wrist tighter and walk just right beside me and if I start looking for other details will you jollify it
And when I get feeble enough and the charming beauty is also gone; will you still trespass and stop and write hundred words of my divinity
It has been a long, long walk and waiting for something unknown and fighting for oneself and be luck or lucky for the swollen soul or the support or may be an ailment or may be a healer but this way was a little too forlorn
so darling darling darling will you stand by, stand by me forever



  1. hmmm....only few people dare to ask this question...because answer is simple...but only TIME reveals the truth....hmmm....

  2. onh...i was your follower and now i dont know how its unfollowed :( i was deprived of your writings...

    nice writing btw...liked it :)

  3. Who’s roots are not shattered, and who’s not bitten – question is did we let that bite pass on its poison or are we still able to start every journey from very first step, and along the way, learn our companion’s not only beautiful but angry, ugly, shy and every face, and understand what that look means, if one wants to fly, then fly along if one wants to respite then respite along. Nevertheless like @Thinking said only Time reveals the truth, but we must gather our strength to take chances cause life is short and harmless souls are scarce to find.

  4. excellent writing!!keep it up :))

  5. time unravels alot of things ... but we hardly wait for it.hmmmmm

    israr : blogspot realise this big mistake :P we earn followers and they make them disappear to us :P welcoem again =)) keep visiting

  6. salman yes right every one had the taste of these myseries. But accpetance is the point behind this post. Once we realise that we have to accept others in every face color ugly good or bad; life will become easier and much more interesting.

  7. Humaira,

    Expectations from someone who you depend upon said so well.

    Take care