Sunday, June 5, 2011

' A Short Story '

SHE: “It was a usual Friday; nothing was special about the day except the same PTV drama being played and all men running towards the same juncture to see. Sometimes it was difficult almost impossible to quench the thirst of being there where you father was, to see what they see from their eye with so much of interest. He also promised me a black and white television once his salary arrives. I counted days for that to sit together and see that special drama together.”
ME:  Why you were not allowed to go?
SHE: Possessiveness; people call it being overprotective but I knew what that was. To hide things from the world was my worth.
ME: so what you used to do all the time alone at home.
SHE: I used to sit under mango tree and watch his first shadow marked visible over the road. Then I would move towards our home and make a cup of tea to make him narrate the story for me again.
You and I in this beautiful world
marks the name of the rise as it shows ...

to be apart, a despicable dream
and live together worth you realm

lets cross the fire hands in our hands
and give this ride a saftey land....


  1. hmm...seems like....someone was very innocent....

  2. A cute post and liked the short poem :) x