Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blood and Beyond

As the day started I had nothing sorted in my mind as usual; also my hair tangled, floating on my face like some drooped branches in sea moving with wind flow. I sack them near my shoulder but they got entwined around my hand bag. I simply ignore and move forward. Sit and ready to tread the usual path. As soon as I sit I began to remember things that I left back home. I will think of them, find alternative and in any case let it go as well. I reach near lab and stood inside like a person whose mug shot taken and who is ready for inquiry. I drop necessary details and sit in the queue. At this time, its looks like a forlorn cause to reach desk. So I started noticing people. Best thing about this unison is the same energy most of us exhibit. Like a crowd listening to some chant and gearing up with more people coming in. We all are keeping an extra eye one each other and ignorance in eyes. I finally get to the desk; get few droplets of blood extracted from my body. I fear no pain not even the consequences.  I walk by as I see people looking at me. May be I am getting used to it.


  1. Is everything alright ? What's the blood test for ?

  2. hmm....I would ask...what the blood test for?

  3. Humaira,

    Read 2 posts now. Hope all is well. Please do tell.

    Take care