Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This day has come after such a long …

After such a long …
I was able to hear myself
In the brightest of hours
In the dullest of potion
I could hear my bones crackling sound
In the midst of darkness
I found myself wide awake
Nothing to leave, nothing to break

After such a long …
I was able to remove the mask
And float in the musk of exhilaration that wasn't in control
This day has brought back all healthy emotions
No meaning, no connotation
The loneliness, the quietness surrounds my existence
I could see myself reaching the innocence of a child
The dreams of a dreamer
the churn outside
This all is so vivid...
I feel so fragile
To break myself into pieces and survive.

She floats in the paradigm of moving circles, joy laughter being its culture.
She looks for a place to hide.
To see what is left, what she took by. 
She wants to be alone and feel the freedom,
For a moment also think she could control all the demons. 
Inside she is volatile and looks so calm…
She might ignore your existence, don’t be alarmed.

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