Saturday, May 14, 2011

Index of my Book ---The Life Line

This fine tranquil beat moving up and down, trespassing all crests and troughs in heart indicator is responsible of my sweet serendipity, my mischance, and all human emotions that are broached, hidden or captured.
I am just a life. And you are another life. And with few of us; we happened to make bonds.  This collaboration is somehow irresistible. It goes almost indispensible to live this life alone on a brink of nothingness, contemplating every breath with happiness, success, sadness alone and gain is just nothingness.
I have to prepare a book and I am exasperated, even to start it with dedication and name. 
My dream: looks dramatic---unattainable, My sojourn:  seems as if I lost and dropped something, Life: looks meaningful but vague, You and I in this beautiful world: I am ‘I’ but ‘YOU’ is huge and I might do half justice with ‘You’ and ill blow up all the candles uninformed and make bridges against you. '

Leave it; I will keep trying till I find a well suited name.
I will jump towards the dedication part:
“Dedicated to my parents; who made me see this world with an eagle eye. Your sweetness melts down my wrath and your warmth kept my faith in difficult times. I dwindle in uncertainty and I owe my existence to you partially because you paved the way to see who my real creator is. You are from heaven and your love is unconditional. Thank you for being my parents and fulfilling my needs. I know you never frowned when you sweat your blood to earn me a ring, a skate board, shoes, clothes and chocolates. I know it was hard on you to fulfill our needs but you kept telling us how to earn riches in real means. Thank you is the word that seems granular in your presence and it seems meaningless when you are away .I….I”…
I will smack myself and I will realize myself that I need to write dedication not a chapter on how  gracious they had been to me.

Ok … second dedication:
“Dear friends, this life were half spent with you and I can’t really explain how beautiful my journey was. To play with you, all pranks, intolerable you and I, our fights and interminable tasks, our dauntless self and cowardice actions. Sometimes competing you; sometimes supporting you. If I was a cake; you added vanilla essence. If you were chocolates I was the wrappings. I love you and I miss you and keep missing you till you my memory slices down with new era of life. What it would be I myself don’t know. Thanks for adding colors to my life. ”
A lot more dedications are still pending. Let me show you how perplex contents become when I think of it.
-          A girl who was born at home
-          Addictions
-          Quarter of life
-          With you
-          Without you
-          Love and life
And a pause!!!

“Today! Start of my day was really gleeful. If you really want to know why; it’s because I prayed in morning after like many days and it’s a sheer shame but I tried to catch up with this. I have heard my creator is best forgiver but I will try not to take another chance. He always gives me the real meaning out of everything, even though I commit mistakes every day but he shows a window , a ray of hope every time but I would try not to miss any chance .”

Happy weekend guys and do something special for your parents, siblings, friends, better half . The more you share, is the more you get =D


  1. Loved the dedication and the prayers remind me I'm also far from this from couple of days :( Happy weekend to you too :) x

  2. nice messsage..Happy weeek days again :)

  3. thankyou iqra =)

    majworld : 'happy week days' seem to be a long tiring journey to me. hope you are having nice ones. tc =)