Monday, May 9, 2011

I know, I couldn't write



I stood motionless and I couldn’t write…
Sometimes I feel you had the substance that I could only bite
I broke my self in sheer pieces to exhale this weird sensation
Of standing on road sometimes aimless and measuring long destination…
I know I cannot write because I wish to touch the sky
Sometimes I feel I can blow up my shadow and make myself your ply…
And this catastrophe that we named as silence
It’s the purest form of light, igniting my resilience
Come on the road to celebrate the rain …
You are famous in town of bringing up the flame
I know I cannot write, I broke my pen into pieces
I wish I can capture residual of my remaining braces
Of my remaining me
Of life stupefying teases
Of your spry
Becoming a prey
Of this fantasy
That moves this galaxy and calls for amnesty.
I know I cannot write I hold it true till last
Where you and I in a juncture, rest is just contrast.

I know and it’s true that this pen had strange affliction with me of bringing up the glass full of water and I accidently pour it all down.

It’s also true that sometimes I broke the shelf unannounced and claim the ridden water.

I know I enjoyed power till I knelt to make it yours. I know and I know it’s true that I have always been unfair.

I know what a half smile meant and I drafted with your nip.I know you had pain of calling me a gig.

I know and it’s true we went places together; still you call me half of your realm and half is still dictator.

I know sometimes i hit you on surface and  make you blow some weird sound, sometimes you are the gesture i always confound.
Sometimes you are cheated with the effluent words of art and wisdom lies beneath the roar that lambast the retard.

Sometimes you are love and glory on the my part.

Sometimes you are consolidation of rift and you glue the broken heart!

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