Saturday, May 21, 2011

Head OR Tail

Its 2 30 PM and this sleepy dust all around me with a sudden trip of electricity; I still managed to move my wholesome and ouch!  I did hurt myself with my tooth brush and that’s the first thing I do every morning.
I feel different; feel extremely rhetoric and strange questions humming my mind as in ‘why we have to go’? How aptly we sense change and sometimes we even witness ourselves ready to dive in it.
How quickly we correspond with situation and name our acceptance a compromise.      
We prepare our land with so much attention, and care; churn the garden of hopes with grass mover extremely sensitively following the principle of balancing out dreams and emotions. But still they exhibit, they grow, they wave with passing air. They move.
One fine day I would like to open my eyes in a valley where continuous flow of scenes right beside me and I firmly step into any  occasion to exhale the missing sensation; the time that flew by me and I forgot to keep minor details in memory; this time I will keep them all with me. I would like to see if people actually change or they undergo different equations. If problem was intentional or whether it got dimensions.
One day, I will give you my hand and be your support
Till then you assure me; you will be home
Near the garden giving life to ultimate dreams of our land
Of vivacious plans and beating the traditions of ultimate Trans
I will be yours, just will be yours
But promise me the land of assured tomorrow
And if it fades away with bickering and sorrow
You will pray till end for the survival of your far away love
She will be back with silver clouds and this hope …
This is the last head and tail of our life
If head comes you are maneuver of rights
If tail comes we will prepare for another plight.

While I write last line, clouds are thundering and I am hoping for some really soothing rain washing away any uncertainties you and I happen to face now a days. This is the day full of transition as i saw day coverted into dark with raining like cats and dogs, a real happy ending!!!
Happy Weekend Every One =)


  1. ...hmm...I am already missing RAIN...where is RAIN...?

  2. "I did hurt myself with my tooth brush and that’s the first thing I do every morning." =D God punishes you everyday =p kidding!

  3. yes zeeshan =P i am glad that he he does that with little things!

    @thinking : it was raining in lahore yesterday and luckily i was on road =D

    where do you live? in sharja?

  4. people r too difficult to be described by equations or dimensions :)..gud to know it rained in lahore..

  5. :) Nicely written. I always loved how it rains in Lahore, I never saw such rain abroad till now :) x

  6. thanks iqra =)

    Hi majworld! i hope your region is good and cool as well =)