Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joy in Moment

Daily grind of work is taking off my energy; though I am not doing anything unusual but it seems my normal immunity is being affected very much. On weekends I would like to do nothing; face no one and experience joy in a moment. So I left my cozy bed; moved my blankets, most importantly left my mobile away from me and went out for a stroll… It took a while to grasp beauty of cool breeze blowing; the essence which was very much captivating as if my windows opens to a new world where there is no pollution; no horns; no need no desire…
Suddenly something tickled my eyes; near my head; over my face; on my hand…it was drizzling.
 I fluttered eye lashes and smiled. As if I smiled after many days and my lips forgot to stretch a bit; so I rose up and move towards a window where I can see myself and I smiled again. Feels great to smile for no reason yah? Also I realized I had a haircut yesterday and I didn’t investigate it enough with new styles and more.

This whole incident took me some years back where I got a chance to spend some days with Kashmiri people. It was very pinching summers and some young blood decided to get baskets full of water and go to grave yard and pour them over there. Since I never saw any such thing so it took my interest and kept me overwhelmed. Therefore I went to a girl and asked her to enlighten me with this whole sequence.

She told me people here have firm faith that if they will go and pour water on graves; god will pour rain on living beings! So I asked my mother if she used to believe in these things too; she told me that once there was a lot of rain fall during marriage ceremony of one of my uncle; so much that it was impossible to go bring our bride. So they started cooking corns on stove (they used to burn woods to light up stove) and rain stopped.

And guys do you know what happened that day? It actually rained that day. It was such a magical moment for me that it left me spiritually high. It left my entire wisdom aside; all assumptions; all theories failed to understand their faith and believe system and logics couldn’t prove anything I saw in those people’s eyes.
Now days when I go back to bed; I think of one dialogue that hovers my mind these days that ‘he created earth in seven days he takes it back within few seconds’.
So am I ready to go any minute? Hmmm…

Guys hope you all are good and having good time of your lives . I am really out of sync with myself these days and unable to write. I will come back soon.

Happy days J

I wish you a life less painful and sorted
But if your boat tangles in row and jolted

Behind is the passage that added in your history
Ahead is the sun basking; may be swiftly!!!

Stopping is where you think you are
Starting is where he takes you to be.

Rich in love? if somebody asks you to say
What love is and how it paved the way

Tell them love is a miracle - a power
He entwined us with and within our clay.


  1. HMMMmmm I loved the story...yes Faith is such a powerful thing,it can change anything around had a fun childhood..I have never been to yeah Lucky You:-) and btw how are you doing? you never use your twitter!

  2. I enjoyed reading it, back couple of days I was Googleing customs and faiths of people living in northern areas of Pakistan. It looks little different but there is a beauty in each one of them. Loved reading your post :) xxx

  3. hmm mishi... i am doing good. i have been trying to be on your profile as much as was possible but you were not that active there. By the way i wasn't active at writing too. I hope you are enjoying time and keep showing up. oh btw didn't get used of twitter as such. looking for inspiration from you <3 hehe take a very good care . see you somewhere :D

  4. thankyou iqra =D i wanna buy a camera; one in your dp and pose like this too=D

    Enjoy and true there are a lot of faith and belief story that i learn t there.