Sunday, January 29, 2012


ambush night,
plunder day,
love surrender
now i pray,

burn the heaps of words
in fire,
blow the ashes
on the waves,

melt my life
in love's last fire
let the stars
teach my clay

the word
to speak at sunset
when the sun
bows down to pray

- Jocelyn Orti-Saeed

Life is your own created recipe. So a little gratitude and niceness is required. Break the barriers of insanity and justify ... free your self and fly.

Utimately life is what we make it . Here i am enjoying my solitude - My life.

Happy weekdays + One monday blues =)

I am coming soon.


  1. Life’s all about choices, but right choice makes a difference, as dealing with the consequences becomes easier.

  2. Humaira,

    Nice wording. It is so true that life is what you make it. It is upto you to be happy or unhappy. You are not alone, we are here with you.

    Take care

  3. Off course life is what we make it, I liked the poem :)
    Mondays are always blue, Tuesdays are little less blue but still blue :D

  4. Beautiful piece! :) Thanks for sharing!