Saturday, April 14, 2012

One more Life ...

Just one more time and some more time

You always ask for it…

The most important mantra

You lived …

You fall prey to…

I am ambush

Standing by myself …

If you fail to make it the other day

And no more excuses obey this fray


                                                          If life makes it ruffle and sheer step knocks you out

                                                          Or perhaps you run for things

                                                         Run in and out…

                                                         Your gaze become weaker

                                                         And weaker the spirit…

                                                        What would you then ask for?

                                                        More time, some more time or may be one more life to figure.

                                                        Life is now running in your veins

                                                       You stay in oblivion until it decays  ....


  1. Humaira,

    Very philosophical way to look at life.

    Take care

  2. Until it decays... very nicely done :)

  3. thank you guys. I hope you all are doing good.

    yes thinking its mine.

  4. Wow, very peotic, thanks much Humaria Sister.