Monday, June 25, 2012

125 Words - Purpose

Few words frittered in my ears and I wondered what the purpose behind it is. Will I become a guardian holding a beacon in hand; lighting every vein running with hope, humor, sadness or happiness or become a prey to something absurd without having to feel the real nuance of it.  What would it be like to plough the seed of happiness and shut the world for me or become a growing seed of the balcony? Today I wondered if I will bring a change or end up changing myself like the person who met me after ages; gazing deeper into my eyes; finding something; something which was there. Wanted to tell me the lane was switched but ended up saying ‘do you know me?’ 


  1. hmmmmmm so abstract yet beautiful! loved the last last...can relate a lot with it:)

  2. hmm....And I never change...

    Follow your heart...and you will remain the same and even after long time if someone who knows you well meet you will ask you that how you manage not to change a bit...hmm...good luck.

  3. Humaira,

    One should retain basic traits and adjust to the changing circumstances. Flexibility is the key word to be happy.

    Take care

  4. Changing is part of mental growth, the important thing is knowing when to change yourself and when to resist it.