Sunday, July 15, 2012

Empty Hours

Long hours sitting at one place, observing same patterns every day, same bird roaming over the bushes I gaze daily, made this ongoing hour empty. With every passing day I realize the importance of bringing a change in life. Empty hours are enjoyable but sometimes very dangerous. It makes you pop into every minute detail which has gone, happened some time ago or about to come. I am also stuck somewhere like a person strangled in bushes who wants to hold on but to fly away and come back to get bound again. Like a person who wants to see what’s there against the wall but whose power is indebted to others. An empty hour highlights the middle phase of life, no matter how easy or difficult start or end was. It highlights what could have been done, what slipped by your hand and what’s done. Empty hour not always spread negativity but sometimes promises a new beginning. A beginning within a beginning, no matter how uncertain middle phase is.

                             Time is changing like clouds chasing the sky
                             Sometimes above your head, sometime beyond my spy
                             This change has brought new relations and love
                             New stories of affiliation may also bud
                             But one thing never changes in this whole spur
                             The dreams I saw, the dreams I revere.

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  1. Great article...

    I believe, empty hours give us the time to analyze ourself and make plans for the future. Nowadays we have enough activities that we miss these moments with ourself.