Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Letter to My Son

My Dear Son,

You are turning two :)  My little boy. Just yesterday you were swaddling in my arms, today you are my friend, my buddy who gives me high five, who runs like a penguin, jumps on me, sing to me the sweetest melody. Wow! what a sweet gift you are from Allah.

 Whenever you stumble upon this blog, I want you to know that I love you very much. You see mothers are little crazy when it comes to their kid. Just in a matter of second they jump through their most difficult journey, they cover the infinity in a matter of seconds and they become a new person, starting a life they never thought can be lived. 

This world is a crazy place I tell you. As much as you give us the happiness, there is this clock tickling right behind me, chasing me, asking me to see the world from every angle. And then I do.

I do this because I know that this world may not be a very nice place to live in. Whenever I look at you, I want you to become the person I couldn’t become. It doesn’t mean I am not happy about my achievements but you know what, by the time you realize your potentials, things have gone fast forward and then there is a race which knocks you down so many times before you get up.
But you give me strength; you define meaning of this life to me. It’s scary and satisfying. 

Just look at me I am a daughter, I am a mom, I am a wife, a daughter in law.  And this life is just like a time travel device. When I spend time with you I move back and forth in time, basking in the glorious childhood memory, I am a child there at the same time a parent and I realize things that my parents did for me, from their perspective. And I realize how important it is to treat them nicely. So you have shown me the time I couldn’t feel anymore, the time which was stacked down in the chamber of secrets in my mind

When you grow up a little more, you would see there is no balance is this world. There are classes and differences, there are divisions and there are kids just like you begging on the roads, Kids who are injured in war, adults in miserable condition and what not. And you will see pictures and images that might make your heart thump a little stronger.

You might think that there is injustice in blessings too. You might be blessed with a lot of things while the other kid next to you isn’t and vice versa. And this whole thing might confuse you. It did confuse me. It makes me go crazy when people share images of kids being hurt. I always wonder oh God you had all the powers, you could have stopped this massacre.

I hate the fact kids beg on streets and sometimes we don’t help them because we think we are helping them build their regime. We are selfish to be honest.

How many times I go out of the way to help people? I can count on fingers.  

But my son when you grow up, sort out your life.  There are a couple of lesson you need to read every day. This world has attractions of every kind. Good and bad.  You may choose good or bad according to your perception but at the end of the day you should be peaceful. You should be able to share the truth with yourself.  You should be able to sleep on your own and peacefully.  You can lie to the world but not to yourself. Most of the times we know answers, we run away from them.

You can’t do perfect in this world. Just do your best. Make best use of everything. You may not get answer of everything but your heart is your mirror. Look into it every day, every night before sleeping and you would know what kind of person you have become.

Be kind. Kindness would never disappoint you, nor the honesty. Follow them and you will be happy that you made right choice in your life.

I just realized how much I can share with you but not here and not today.

I wish you a life lived to the fullest.

Much Love,
Only Yours


  1. This is so sweet! You should write a series of letter addressed to your child! I always think of starting a journal where i address only my (future) daughter and tell her how to be someone everyone around her would be proud of!

    Iyaad is surely on his way to making you proud and content! Happy Birthday to him! <3 <3

  2. Humaira, this is such a heartfelt post. Spoke to me on many levels despite not being a mother myself. This is what everyone would want their child to be like when they grow up. Iyaad has a very special mommy and I'm sure he will grow up to be quite some man. In sha Allah!