Friday, June 24, 2016

Two cups of Tea

Just as I take my cup of tea. Sip after sip...felling into the whirlwind of thoughts gushing through my mind, touching every nook and corner of my life...I just want to shut my eyes thinking about you.

Sometimes it’s the sweetest escape. I am still glad that you virtually exist. To know that you lived before you died. That you had the oomph, an idea to live by. I would love to see you again on another cup of tea and we might sit down for a while. Thinking about this bizarre life and its tragedies.  And just not try to solve any mysteries.

You need to come and sort my mind…stack after stack, after stack until you are tired. Tell me that I did great sometimes, that I nailed it and I was your hero. And I was the cover story of your heart. Tell me the shrieking voices I hear and I make. Well everyone has it and tell me it’s not a bad idea to give up sometimes. Lie in bed, forget and grief or think about the butterflies that flutter in your heart like past memories.

Forget about everyone and everything and think about the goodness that I once had and fill up my heart with energy.  And tell the bad person in me is not that bad and that god still loves me.
And that he ignores my mistakes and he smiles sometimes and say ‘she isn’t that bad’ make her happy. 

And touch the cord of my heart without any mistake, just be precise and make an escape so that the spell breaks evenly and I get up with a smile to break this symphony.

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