Sunday, August 14, 2011

~ Feel the Power ~

I can’t speak to you right now but i have a story to tell ; there is some dust particles and whispering wind lashes overpowering my voice, I feel like making bubbles of strong gust and emotions that are flowing and not bursting nor showering or showing any empathy. And my dreams seem to be shattered but that’s an understatement;  who holds them up forever?

Who drove them for whole life and what makes you feel strong forever anyways.

Like every passing day or running heart beat that marks the liveliness and assurity to hold memories that happen to us; still sometimes they go hid in some catalogue with layer of dust above them.

Like an assumption that I can see beyond your imagination and choose good or bad before hand and next moment I find myself burning that hatchet with my both hands.

Anyways life still is very good with a peaceful flowing river with an assumption that at least there are people around me who don’t make me cry or whither every passing day; who don’t sit by the stream and throw stones meaningless just to ignite the thrust we usually have in us.

They make me walk on my foot so I can feel the power inside me  that makes  me  so different and outrageous ; I am still living fairy land tales and knitting auspicious stories with me as center of attention but that’s true; in a rough style!!!  But you probably miss the chance to be a pillar I could rest my untainted dreams upon.

Still to tell you the least you didn’t miss everything; you can go every night outside, sit quietly and see meteors taking turns and screaming a loud in silence. Sadness and rest is meant to be taken when you are dead .
In life we need to take rides and hence I made my flight in a jiffy up above the sky.

Life can be lived in two ways your way and my way .and I choose to live it my ways since I am not really sure what defines your life and what defines you.

From the shadows of heart there comes a light follow it; it always de- tracks you so you get to know more and instead of playing safe and peaceful; you learn to play in perils. I don’t know what does it mean ; but In folk tales and books they say ; it makes you strong . Dive in !!!


  1. Humaira,

    It is so beautifully narrated that instead of leading an uncertain life it is far better to follow own heart even if it means facing obstacles on enroute.

    Take care

    PS : Left comments on previous 2 posts also which I read now.

  2. thanks aurangzeb. pleasure is all mine =)

    jack i hope you are doing great. i couldnt stay in touch with any one lately . Hope to read some of your good stuff very soon.