Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak !!!

My Dear Friends,

Your presence in the present is really exhorting.

Using this space is just like talking to bunch of reliable and sane people who draw millions of designs and paint with the color of red; stroked with tranquility and wisdom.

We by the grace of Allah have completed this one month which could purify us and just to exalt His blessings upon us ; we are going to celebrate Eid tomorrow and thank him for his benevolence.

A very happy Eid to all of you. And special thanks to uncle jack who in this cosmos world where nobody cares for sending greeting cards anymore ; sent a most composed and well designed e –card . I am so touched. and I had a 32 teeth smile on my face =)) Thanks to you.

Also on 1st September my father passed away from this world 5 years ago. Eid I mostly remember is getting up tomorrow; a well surrounded compassionate hug by him and also Eidi =D.

With all those beautiful memories afresh; InshAllah; I am going to celebrate my EID.

Allah has different ways of treating you like a little lad so I get a lot of love and care from people around me. 

Do recite a prayer for him and have a wonderful day =))

Do share your amazing stories of celebrations on this happy occasion.

I thought I could share something beautiful but got no time to do so; my few lines

Dear God!

Stay in my heart and leave me when

Skies broke the connection of strange mystery

Mist of hope and gist of history …

Love stays enchanted and enmity falls behind

And for one moment I felt myself sublimed

In the desert of malice; in the room of remand

I ran towards you to be gathered in your arms

And when there was no hope and no love to be savored

You had a strange way of swiping it to be waivered

Abysmal of thoughts and fear in this facet

I feel loved and love to be enormous asset.


  1. eid greetings and al-fatihah to your late father.

  2. hmmm.....Eid Mubarik...and be happy..thats what your father if still alive would want you to be...

    Stay Blessed....


  3. thanks noir and thinking =)

    hope you are doing really good and take care!

  4. Humaira,

    I am sorry to learn about your father. May God bless him with eternal peace. I pray that all your wishes are fulfilled.

    Take care

    PS : Thanks for mentioning me but I felt it was my duty.