Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Warriors of Heart

Wishes are like warriors of heart
Flopping in august rain
Gushing in December  
But they make their ways through very thin alleys …
For countless time when I gazed around sky
All I could remember is
Your face - my inhibition
Last touch divided by laminated sheet of rain
Last hope compounded by fears and illusions

But listen

It’s not really important to slice down your heart and find every answer
Sometimes expressions do
Sometimes only presence
So it’s the right time to sacrifice …
Everything that defines an act of cowardice

Believe it

You can’t understand every clue, every notion and every emotion
So it’s right to sacrifice any devoid conclusion; Concorde by delusion.
When next time rain comes
And when I tried to turn that page over
I was horrified rather emulsified by rough proportions
I came running behind you to see what holds inside
But you always take the lead and leave this beside


The locks that defines a princess in cage
Can be roughly seen in life of rage
The strong ties abiding the principal of emotions
Is only broken by bloodshed and fearless devotion!


  1. thanks mehreen ayesha very much =)

    hey noir how are you ?

  2. Beautiful as usual Humaira...and Btw I did read your previous posts too..couldnt comment..My blogger was a freak lately..nice reads ! and I loved this one most..this was different from your usual Philosophical style..simple yet beautiful!:-)

  3. Awesome... But why break the ties of emotions this is what makes us human otherwise we would be a bunch of social robots... :)

  4. Humaira,

    So true. If we do not have wishes would the life be worth living?

    Take care