Thursday, September 8, 2011

In search of the Lost Soul

In the search of the lost soul …
Those feet that bled and bruises that shred,
something that was residing inside me

And constantly it knelt my fears and frets
But arose one spirit that confines me

The spirit that binds my love eventually grows
And love that holds idea behind me

In the desert that are barrens and dry grains of sand
I ran towards a shadow that broke and part the land

One is quenching, one leaves the tempt
And leaves me clueless which one to  lend

But in search of lost soul one must walk
If trotted steps taken or jumping from the dark

If gravity pulls you back or earth throws you pole to pole
Steps must be taken to find the lost soul

to see unwritten 
to wipe off the dirt 
to reach destination 
to engulf all the faith 
to breath in felicitation
to live in the love 
and love without inhibitions.

"Tere ishq mein jo bhi doob giya usay duniya ki lehrun se darna kia "
Whosoever drowned in your love; has no fear of living in this world

After listening to this soulful music time and again; i feel spiritually high 
where fears are tantrums thrown at us and living in this world a try. 

Hope to come up very soon with a story; i am missing story writing a lot=))
take care.


  1. nice and pretty...

    Yes...the poetry is awesome but story writting is soul...

    Nice to rerad you again.

  2. hello HUmeira:-)

    a beautiful and heart-touching post as usual..yes em missing a story piece from you come up with one..glad to be on your page after all these days..hope you were missing me;p

  3. i'd love to read your story cause i know you're an eloquent writer

  4. thinking : thanks very much i so agree .
    Its a soul as if peaceful waves are rushing inside =)

  5. mishi! how can i even dare doing that. i kept reading your blog . but my net works sufficiently well at office only :P i hope your eid went well. you were in islambad right . where is my eidi? . wuestion is still the same :P

  6. noir : *blushing blushing *

    hope you are doing very well =))

    take care.

  7. nice poem, looking forward to the story piece too

  8. Humaira,

    A timely reminder in today's overbusy life to look for our true self which is lost soul. One can do it only if one does have faith in self and God.

    Take care