Friday, September 23, 2011

~ Ye Nanhi Masoom Si Larki ~

Ye nanhi masoom si larki, Jane kia kia dhund rahi thi

Andheri gallion mein jese chand ka dhara dhund rahi thi
Anjany rastun mein phir badal they aur barkha thi
Najane wo chadar aurhay kab se ye sab taak rahi thi
Na janay kia khwaish thi dil mein, ankhun mein jo goonj rahi thi
Sahil , mandar , darya paani jese wo sab ghum rahi thi
Thori thori khamoshi thi aur phir bhonchal sa a jata tha
Wo dur kinare darya ke sang kuch sehmi sehmi dikhti thi
Wo nange paun rait mein lipti bhagi bhagi jati thi
Phir dur falak aur manzil na janay kese wo paa leti thi
Ye nanhi masoom si larki ghar ka rasta dhund rahi thi
Her ik sheh mein apne ghar ka pur ronaq manzar dhund rahi thi
Chandni raat aur ujhal bojhal , koi kinara dhund rahi thi
 Tangdasti aur alam-e- hu mein koi sahara dhund rahi thi
Is basti ke sehar kinare apna gharunda dhund rahi thi
Ye nanhi masoom si larki janay kia kia dhund rahi thi

My first official urdu poetry debut. I dont know how and when i am strike upon these ideas but trust me when i see my writings on paper i am left bemused. As in what i started to write and how i ended up .
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did while writing and finding these images . Kids they impress me alot in any form or found with any ideology. I cant sit much for story writing now adays so bear me up with slices of these thoughts .
I hope you all had a very good week so did i . A lot to come in my life ahead its like sitting in front of a pandora box and watching it opening up by removing wrappings and coverings of its own one by one.
Take care guys see you again soon =))


  1. wahh Moving from English to Urdu! you are superb..and you just proved that all that matters is the way you feel the things and your power of describing them, Language doesnt matter then..needless to say it was beautiful:-)

  2. mishi yar thankyou =)) for encouraging my effort. Hope you are healthy and happy.

    thanks zeeshan =))

  3. welcome to the world of sure you would keep writing with the same zeal as you used to write in english...but your debut made me sad as the topic was so melancholic...and you depicted it so perfectly that i felt the scenes moving before my eyes...
    best of luck :)

  4. thankyou all of you .

    take care =)

  5. Humaira,

    Feelings of love starved little girl penned down so beautifully. Please write more.

    Take care

    PS : Read all pending posts leaving comments from EID MUBARAK onwards.

  6. its just awesome n inxprng...keep it up

  7. Nice work humaira ,very impressive!