Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its Raining!!!

Few miles down the road, I used to cover in a jest.  Today they seem many miles away.
It’s not that today is some ironic display of finity but consistent sojourn, a sudden change in weather and a long thinking process.
It’s raining so succinctly as if these drops have a very soothing effect kneeling down the nerve and making your bones strong. At the same time; you don’t know which curve it causes more relaxation. Slightly sleepy head; trying to be there; where solace defines exaggerated picture of affinity.
The noise of this continuous beating of rain drops as if you are standing at the pinnacle; open arms embracing cool wind and a river which marks the successive flow of events; changing with every hindrance coming on its direction BUT  it grows with same objective. It is giving you assurance that somewhere it will go no matter what may happen. No matter how badly they cruise the path or may leave you dejected; it will reach where it has to.

Today ironically I am just concentrating on the rain and no other details. Not even about the kid who is gazing at the over showering sky with his mouth open and dancing to relive his joy nor the guy who is trying to jump brick on brick not to have a splash on his tidy clothes.
Sometimes things they come with so much pressure that you may find yourself moving with it avowal of the fact you tilted to move beneath it but you lost. Or sometimes this whirlpool just moves above your head so close that it was nearly about to gnaw at you, but you survive.
Today I have this thankful heart; a long thinking process and this rain while me in almost mildly litted room. A window that opens right towards the sky and this constant drizzling.
For a moment I just want to get hold of it, for some time more =)


  1. em enjoying rains too..loved your post..and hey very nice new outlook! mazay ki hai:-)

  2. hmmm...yes...raining give pleasure...

  3. almost every time, while surviving the successive flow of pressurizing events, a beautiful rainy day does leave you in a state of mind where you track back, recall your narrow escapes, cherish your seldom successes, and then rejuvenates you for diving in the river once again.

  4. Humaira,

    Beautiful way to compare life with rains.

    Take care