Friday, October 21, 2011


( Distance always dispatches a lot of lessons from there , a lot of  love and  immense care; Sometimes it is totally opposite )

Believe it or not! Somewhere in your life; a distance comes in between.  A distance that shows bare necessity of survival; sometimes becomes most impulsive notion. And that in return marks picture of solitude that counts each mile on the road.

Distance is here now in the moment; in the silence and the darkness brushing green plants; it is there in intense emotions. 

Distance is here in the foggy path with two trespassers unknowingly gazing at each other collapsing thoughts; a momentum with which they were counting footpath or sometimes counting upon it. A sudden thought and a drift to move ahead because distance has to be covered.

A distance comes in between when you had to say last word of devotion; show last gesture of emotion  to complete one story but it subsides granular hope-- leaving distance to be felt … a grieve of lost heart ; lost mind but it has to be covered in one way or the other.

It’s a negotiation in the boundary less sky and intimacy of clouds followed by rain; sometimes it’s just there in the words heartfelt; sometimes it’s a hope letting all deprivation to be set free.

In the measure less unit it hums in our life; in early forties or late sixties it brings an analogy; a measure of life spent or to be spend.

Distance is the target; it’s a man who watches all green leaves being crushed under his feet but it has to be covered one way or the other in the grieve or believe .

Another random abstract post ; a thought process behind this post cannot be summed up but I was just staring at airplanes that always make me feel distant or gazing this overwhelmed sky or the green plant whose branches drop down the fence. They all have a story it seems.

Have you ever felt those winters; where there is a mist and a specific aroma around; checked in warm clothes; a mug in hand; walking, suddenly you hear footsteps and unintentionally you will move up a little on your feet to see those unknown faces in the fog?

It seems winters are coming soon to this part of region.

My wish for this winter is to see snow but with happiness of it and scream and joy of playing with it not with the specific silence that winter always bring along. =))

Happy weekend guys!

I have developed this fear of travelling on road in effect of an accident. I am safe with the grace of Allah; hope to get rid if it soon  =))

Be safe and take care.


  1. Abstract but well described HUmaira..and yup winter is almost here...yum yum...I was dying to have it here..bohat ho gya tha gurmi ka natuk;p Happy winters to you and take cares ..and do write a casual post too..yeah something about your fav movie or color or place or biggest dream in will help us to get to know you better.thek hai?:-)

  2. bilkul theek hai mishi;il start working oit on it very soon. ap ka hukam sar ankhun per. :p thanks mishi i will.

  3. awww thankz sweetheart ..I just want to know you better na...I will be waiting for your next post then:-)

  4. Distance is everywhere as Allah is everywhere. Yet there is no distance between you and Allah.

    Also, let's shorten our distance among the blogging community via regularly visiting each other.

    I am your brand new follower.
    You may joint my site if U so wish.