Saturday, October 15, 2011

~ Serenity ~

Finally I am settling in new house. Finally mornings are not so much Unknown and evening so alien. 

Finally I am watching ahead of being in state where I was counting minutes and sometimes seconds to cross this barrier. Now it’s time to look ahead, buy new things, start work afresh, paint new walls of wishes and imaginations.

And stay amused about time … that always proves me wrong; never stops for grim situation to let it be subsided, grab your hand and keep moving on.

Sometime gives you support to pull you up when you are hanging down the hill. Sometime laughs and sneers; drops you down and then you hit another ground but still survive.

 I really want some ‘time’ off … I feel tired after work and also it seems my whole day is being ruined by thoughts of this and that.

I miss peace of mind that comes with an accomplishment; it comes to me that I need to work for something else as well rather sitting in front of computer all day long.

So I want to be in a sail boat with water flowing around me
And for a moment it may happen;
A realization that earth and sky doesn’t exist

For some uncountable moments I will… I will feel life around me
And rhythm…the twinkle of serenity may flourish in amidst

I will broke down in pieces and sporadically overwhelm the air
With some of it glowing… some floating in river

And a part of me may fly with flocks of bird in air
In a rush less gear, without any fear

I will turn and twist and move in the space
And I might feel life…. life in myself

So you come down to me as a shadow in abyssal
and for a moment we will find in ourselves
end of  words 
end of expressions 
end of antonyms and similar indulgence
just gazing into each other eyes and remembrance
talking about the life
talking about the serenity
talking about the peace we lost in interim 
talking about the love we missed in frivolity
and we will hold hands and open the arms 
the last voyage and on sail we will end this calm....

Happy Weekend Guys . See you soon again. Gotta read few friends here as well ... so my wish for this weekend is that Sunday may pass so slowly as if minutes are hills to be climbed in a day.

O btw my lost love came to me after so many years ... the craziness of listening to it  on instrumentals and feeling words when i was even younger :P ... its like a wish to write such lyrics myself .Enjoy

Everytime I see you, well the rays of the sun are all
Streaming through the waves in your hair
And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes 

Like a spotlight 

The beating of my heart is a drum and its lost
And its looking for a rhythm like you
You can take the darkness from the deep of the night
And turn it to a beacon burning endlessly bright
I gotta follow it cause everything I know
Well, its nothing till I give it to you
Song :~ Making love out of nothing at all ~


  1. Its beautiful, loved each and every word :) Hope you are enjoying in new place xx

  2. three things here,
    * the fact that you have mentioned the word 'finally' three times in first three lines suggests unlike others you don't forget things easily or tend to get stuck :).
    ** Re "I really want some ‘time’ off", i presume i'll be correct in saying, its just a state of mind. for instance, on many occasions we say 'i don't have enuff time or can't be bothered to do this'. however, on the contrary, we can do anything that we set our mind to (human nature).
    *** Re 'I miss peace of mind that comes with an accomplishment', perhaps you are too over stuffed or need to prioritise your goals.

    p.s: it seems that i've kind of invaded your space. sorry :)

  3. Wonderful Humaira!! ... Your thoughts seems so alike my own :) .... Hope you are having a good time in your new house and InshaAllah you will soon be able to claim it as your home too :)

  4. thankyou all of you guys above. i am highly obliged.I hope you find my writings interesting enough in future as well.

    This place is yours above is mine =) so invade it ; fill it with superflous words, never mind.

    thankyou all once again.

    take care

  5. Re 'This place is yours above is mine =) so invade it ; fill it with superflous words, never mind. '
    this made me laugh :))
    its kind of childish to say this is mine and that is yours ;) so i'd argue what'll happen if we turn the screen upside down?