Monday, November 5, 2012


Photograph is the most acceptable and unnatural way of capturing moments. For those who don’t rely on their brain for long or those who want to have evidence and make it testimony of the event for later, or those who don’t have photographic memory.  Sometimes I find them surreal as if picture painted in front of your eyes where you want to find your own character and always like to brush something missing with your own stroke. Now they have tools for it.

Photographs remind me of the class in fact classification of people.  Like a family of three from old times: a husband wife and a kid, all set like a poll not even slight flutter of eyes , almost stopping to breath hence almost looking like victim of oppression. Then this oppression slightly got loosened up a bit. Now they will stand with their hands wrapped up in utmost respect talking about the genre they belong too.

When I compare photos of now with then I feel there is a sky-earth difference between the two. Now it seems people are controlling their lives. Smiling which at times looks unreal but attractive. But a person of that age keeps a very eloquent eye guessing real over unnatural.

I also asked him to take a picture. Firstly I stood there like a robot, he asked me to smile.

I questioned myself if smile essential for a photo to look nice. I heard him saying it gives you multitude of chances and memories to cherish .Confused by his response I curved a bit right but far cry from a heartily smile; it makes me look bad.

Then he ran towards where I stood at a distance with the sun rays shining directly upon him, almost making his face go invisible and blade like rays or oasis of his emotions, enhancing  untold mysteries and stories on his face.

But he maintained a smile very jovial as if he is there where he is meant to be. While I moved a bit more to see what it holds behind bars I heard a click!!!

I thought a real moment was captured then.

I am listening to payphone by maroon5 for some very odd reason. My headphones are sticking to my ears for this one.

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  1. Humaira,

    I forgot to congratulate you for reaching CENTURY while commenting in previous post. CONGRATULATIONS. It is good to capture good memories in mind but how do you share it with children or grandchildren? When I show photographs of our children to grandchildren, they are so thrilled. Photographs taken while action is on makes those worth it.

    Take care