Friday, November 2, 2012

Time Is Now

Somebody told me that I am inclined towards pessimism. Very opposite to what I hear from most of the people but it never hurts. In fact a lot of things now pass by me like seasons, like the old leaves making their last visit to crumbs and then towards heaven. As I see them swept down by a man ruthlessly I wonder how futuristic I have been:’ Thinking about tomorrow’.

Thinking about tomorrow isn’t a bad idea as long as you know you have bindings and strings that leads to past and present but this is how we are raised; when in school - think about college, in college think about high schools and list goes on higher trend.  In this course of events I somehow couldn’t keep track of my present. No matter how bold words are written on the cardboard ‘THE TIME IS NOW’. It didn’t affect me at all.

It seems I am on a mission of whose boundary I lost track of. All of passion has bent and drooped down by immense thinking process of which I am unfortunately a habitat.
But may be trend would change now. Like many other things that changes with time, like every new season brings about new vents. At times narrower makes your breathing difficult, at times lifelike butterflies fluttering here and there in both beauty and gay. Making everything look subtle even flaws on cheeks that make it look reddish but oozing happiness.

Season is more powerful than any preparations so I am learning the inline message here. I don’t have under the belt experience but when it comes, it never asks for preparations, shakes you with whatever is written in the destiny.

I always cared about tomorrow without assimilating what I am missing before that. But seasons makes me wonder what if tomorrow never comes…What if!!!

So make best out of what you have, of what you are surrounded by, of love and emotions, of joys and tears.Rhetoric but make sense.

I did realize that I completed 100 posts. Knowing my consistency I deem it as an achievement. So I would definitely try and write something special. This blog has many strings towards many events and memories I hold both dear and close. Let see what this season brings. I do hope all whosoever visited here, visiting now and will visit are having good time of their lives.

Take care =]

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  1. Humaira,

    One should never fret about past but just learn lessons from that, never worry about future as no one is sure of it, so one should live in present with full focus to do what own conscience allows.

    Take care