Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love At First Sight

 'its one of my old write-up and just to bring myself back to my old routine i am posting it here'

It was one cold winter evening!

And all I could hear was some niggling tickle and about order breaking stochasticity, sadness prevailed; and the kind of sadness you like to bump yet as if to live fortnights in it.

You like to move like a nomad and at the very other moment escaping so many eyes, drenching yourself in somewhat a snug a perfect hideout.

It is one of those seasons that never explains yet explains everything bespoken between you and me.

My eyes complaint your eyes competing, you and me in gist of an instant, your eyes explain mine still complain and they keep complaining till my existence felt belittle, from a man I became a no man.

In a rush of moment I looked again, this time I gazed and litigate I fell drowning in it; I drowned till I was completely drowned.

Your eyes are the preservation of my long years of past, every time I happen to catch a look I live eternity.Deep down inside; flows a turbulence of thoughts and swaying trees; hugging around, moving here and there, reminisce of past, cherishing imagery, blowing flowers, colors and fragrance all manipulative and divine, epitomizing sense of beauty that only my eyes behold.And here I am I deliberately to quench the very desire and the rest disappears while you open the thresholds of heavens and the deepened sea you hold within you, interminable heuristics then it becomes.

Your eyes are the dream I longed for, and the trotted steps I took near the sea, and the long walks alone, and that bang on the pebbles that were placed aside; thrown one by one; just to see if you can come out of your deity; to shut your eyes when wave surpass and when you open; things are serene; like the flocks of birds; moving along; to show reverence and love for your ilk.

My mind is the victim and heart a pattern of both justice within injustice, I swaggered and stumbled to take accorded lead but you were the lead and you were the mislead.

Deluded I moved to grasp more of your eye but went away from the sight of your eye and when I was awakened, saw the picturesque of your expressions and thousands of expressions and only expressions you hide within the sea; you enshrouded in mystery.

Just to ensure I am the guardian of the sea, and will take care of even the drop ever splashed out and dropped by ,with all my reverence and love and if time ever allowed with my life too.

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