Friday, January 7, 2011

Once Upon a Life Time

Its 9: 35 p.m. Just imagine you live in a city which is overcrowded, hustle and bustle that goes uninterrupted; that at times you communicate the inner ‘YOU’ in quite a high pitch tone: Hello! Can I hear myself? Yes I can. And then scene completely changes, its dark- thanks to load shedding therapy that helps to move my being in those old ages where people used to sit by fire and bamboo sticks all around, where some woman would move forward and by puffing all she could; would try to endorse the blistering fire. You would see all funny faces within the translucent fire, No they aren’t funny but may be sometimes your inner is exposed unintentionally.
In my case fire is only replaced by these heaters whereby me, my mother and one little cousin completely slouched and squeezed trying to fix their places in front of it. As if I am closest in the orbit and therefore deserve to absorb as much as I can and I surely am justified by every mean to get more. And then season will change, every planet will get a chance to come closer but for this season; pardon me!
Then comes my favorite part, silence, hush! Quiescent we are. My mother would break the spell. Kids have you ever seen snow falling, and then her favorite impulsive tone which stops for no passenger and goes straight towards the destination. She says further ‘I love snow and when I was a kid, I used to play with snow, not only that I used to eat snow by adding some sugar and crushing it’.
(Rest is just her and our heads nodding; we crave to hear ‘once upon a time story’)
I was in my village then and by standing at the mountain edge I could see the upper mountain range completely covered with snow flakes, and by just having a glimpse of it naturally created an urge in me to get at the top of mountain: go and catch as much as I can. So I running from the eyes of my husband,father mother blah blah…started to move slowly towards it. I always used to get a partner in crime so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a friend, make a perfect friend for each season.
This was then noon time and you must know that by afternoon, villages naturally slip into pitch dark and it gets darker till you can witness twinkling stars on the facing mountain. So we started, wasting no time, towards the destination with mouth watering snowy craving. We walked...We walked, we walked so much towards it that our feet started a protest against our will but somebody has to win the race and therefore we walked.
Sun acted like a traitor that day, slowly and steadily stalking us, and when we so very wanted it to stay; started to go behind. We were so wearied that we had to sit on the large stone, just to measure how far we are and how much we need to walk. Suddenly a woman came and tried to gauge from where I was coming and where I was going and told me that place which I am heading to, cannot be travelled on foot and it’s far off from the place even where we are sitting. Our whole passion was dropping down as the sun was setting. But that girl suddenly brought glee to our lives. She brought snowflakes in large bags as they were trying to get rid of it so she removed upper layer and extracted out the best as she could.
When we had packets in hand we forgot the rest. Not even for the sun that was leaving.I got what I was craving for, as a purple dress that I prayed for; when I was looking at a Lilly flower beside the flowing water and very next day I was blessed with it.
*when she started to smile, whole place was illuminated. My little world of fairy tales was over and I was just wishing because there is someone who listens, every time of the day, may be this slot is mine* . Happy weekend!


  1. Felt like I was there, treading through the snow in those snowy mountains... very interesting and nicely narrated. Happy weekend to you too :)

  2. Nice post :)when she started to smile, whole place was illuminated. xx

  3. even when i was living in brisbane and when my job took me to places, i've never seen snow. this post is so engaging that i felt snow :}

  4. thank you *anonymous* for writing about it =)

    @ madiha : thank you so much for being my regular reader =)

    @ iqra : thanks alot iqra =)

    @ noir : i haven't seen the snow myself and i felt the same thank you for taking out time and posting a comment =)