Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who says where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time

So I convinced myself finally to see where my sojourn is taking me and last few days were like a tough grinding ride bubbling up anger, peer pressure, some job related things and decision etc etc I wanted that time to end soon and when it’s over I need time again to fit myself in my old routine. There are many things going in head and I need to clear them as soon as possible as growing up is not as easy as it may seem especially to all those who are looking up to you.
There is something really special about our life… ‘Observations’ like a little cute school girl with pony at the top of her head and tightly as she clings at the back of her father who at every turn makes sure that her daughter is safe and sound on his bike.
And when they reach at school gate, she innocently asks for money and her father probing his pocket to see what he can offer but no matter what are the circumstances he always does that.
Right now I feel nostalgic: when I was a kid I always used to follow my siblings or either move out alone because they thought I am fragile and they can’t include me in their tough games so my task was to clap, and when game is over my brother would call me up to play few things with me.
Today I feel so much love for my family, and I am touched the way they have helped me through always. I am going to be 24 next month and every time my mother thought I am tired she will come near my bed to see if I have complete cover on me and then I will see her going back, shutting the door slightly. My brother once jumped into the rails while one of the trains dramatically coming towards us he dropped himself over the ground fetching my shoe that somehow I dipped. I thank god million times that nothing bad happened that day.  
Few days back I was so tired and agitated that suddenly a message brought so many smiles to my face. My niece sent me a stupid message which was some fill in the blanks; it went like I …. You. So in order to tell her that I read your messages, I wrote her back ‘I miss you’ and asked her to fill back for me and she wrote back ‘I love you’. It blew off all my fermentation and I was chirping again =)
May be you need to say same to some of your loved ones to bring smiles on their face..Don’t miss that.
As a child I used to read a lot and this somehow depreciated me of listening, a statement I read in Urdu subject still hovers my mind and I believe it to be so true ----- it goes like that ‘it’s easy to put your god behind your necessities’ and today people do that quite frequently including me.
My sojourn is stuck for a while I need to free it soon.

Hope you all are having a nice healthy week =)


  1. They say person is composed of 3 components... physical, mental and spiritual ... When the day flows and things coming too fast or feeling like life is not making very good sense... its always better to explore spiritual aspects of life...

    Question faith, get answers... Answers are there we just need to read it with translation to make more sense :) I hope u know the which "Keybook" to be read with translation :)

  2. O! this was such a cute post humaira!
    I especially enojoyed the part in which papa gives some money to his daughter on reaching school..i could relate it with me:)

  3. Very right... Observation is very important ... aur choti choti cheezoon se khushian milti hain :)

  4. such a beautiful post... it's the little things in life that usually matter more :)

  5. Yup nothing can replace family. No one can unconditionally love you more. Its good to let them know at times how thankful you are that they are here.
    "Those three words are said too much - But not enough!"