Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Perfect Stranger

I stand here ...

with my head completely resounding somewhere else

and deeper pleasure is to go find my self ...

but there comes a situation

when you urge to sleep and you cant

and sky above the ground, makes you go upside down

for life nasty play and fierce things ahead

did you ever think of what you have left behind

did you ever think where some faces go confine

You are here today,

and time hits me through  spine

is the pain i suffer ..

is the  protest of a crime

is famine within the trough

where the body seeps the tuff

still comes in a guff

Listen ...

Life plays the trick

and events a testimony of our own self...

when you feel life within the lows and all above is the vacant space

below is the cracked world and around is an unknown pace

and only wish is to look back, after noise settles down

to find the twined answer and seeing you more pat down 

i still fear the odd but peace that i found.

is to believe that you are here, is the hope that confound.


  1. Gud Work..i loved't..
    u're welcum to my profile:)

  2. thanks a lot aayushi for taking out time and giving it a read, i hope to see you again and guess what i am already there ;)

  3. simple but meaningful

  4. i wouldn't look back if i were you... but yes i'd look back to learn from a bad past experience.. i'd use it to make me wiser, and if something gets me low, the fact that i went through all that and survived is enough to make my day and keep me going

    i liked this piece... so intense and so from the heart!!! <3

    keep writing!! :)

  5. Humaira.. i simply Loved it (Y) Keep writing :)

  6. thanks alot mehreen, we look back to see how many faces we know, some one who is urs when every one else is a perfect stranger.

    @ mehroo : thanks alot for giving it a read =)

  7. Nice post, liked it :) xx

  8. Hey Humaira!
    This onefor you:
    The Stylish Blogger Award:

  9. You know wat Humaira..sumtyms..its just gud to move on without looking back..don't worry about the ppl in your past..theres a reason why they din make't to ur present..life may hv sumthng btr in score for you..

  10. thankyou aayushi=) you are fairly rite =)

  11. thanks zeeshan for liking it.

    thankyou iqra