Sunday, April 24, 2011

If You Ever Try to Find 'ME'

As the evening curtain hoops down the last tinge of light; prevailing over us. And if you have an urge to find the lost ‘me’. Come through the doors of patience.

Don’t look for the perfection in me: that’s in every second person with little manipulation and that’s how every second person tried to find me.

Find the lost ‘me’ in all imperfections, that is in me and that defines me.

Try to figure out the missing difference, it’s in every second rose sagging because of the fake play of the day.

Try to find me in the serenity that only comes within the flowing water, surfeit water, with an aptitude of reaching the other region, the other part of the realm.

It flows uninterrupted taking all the soaked tears and dropped happiness. If you try to find ‘me’,  find me in the lower layer carrying indispensible ‘me’.

Look through this sight of the globe I am left behind while the rest of the world flew off ahead. Try to find me in the remaining ones, who have smashed their paws and hurt the inner them, who soot in the hope of adjudication.

Life is a layered yet an oddly known inhabitant. It’s like a seduction by a chocolate cake. At first look, it is heavenly fascinating, flawless and almost drowning. Middle layer is the most delicious discovery and top just calls out for a little too much of perfection with the cherry on top. Try to find me in the very basics, a discovery more subjective than making your objective.

If you ever try to find me, look for the empty days in your life that you have spent without smile. Try to find me in your loneliness, over the lush green grass where you went for meditation and rest of the world passed by you. Your eyes are closed and you could barely see but feel me in the absence of your breathe.

Try to find me in monuments of the world or constellation of stars, i happend to be in between them, leaving for a sweet escape in every highs and lows of this curve of life.

Come, grab my hand, take me to the moon or drop me from the sky but if you ever try to find me, find me with implications of the lost 'me'.I found you in millions,you just try to find one 'ME'.

"This post is dedicated to all who are lost or rambling in woods"

"lately one of my senior said someting really simple yet unique. According to that, we on average live 60 years of life. In initial 18 or 20  years we tend to make less mistakes, so if rest 40 years of our life can be spend following the doctrine given to us; we can make our immortal life incredible.Simple yet difficult."

Happy week days ahead pals ;)