Monday, April 4, 2011

Men Señará - - -

She delves into the process of tamed silence …Its vague and assures that no goodness will come out of it.
It is tempting in its own way, takes you on the road which leads nowhere; at times it revolves in a curvature and still it profusely built the tempo. It doesn’t break ---it won’t. It’s like a flag of peace engraved after she took over it completely and at times it’s hidden and persuasive as if to watch your ego meshing up with everything but you.

She saw the snow melting down as a heart goes down after watching sun drooping down somewhere here and there… but her dual self laughs, sneering at everything yet she won’t say it. She took a pledge she won’t.

She sits over the rock to see where she dropped herself. In the rain drops that covered her up in mud or the autumn air that shreds all the leaves and she by the chance to be in catchy flow, entrapped herself in a twister.  

She is here--- lost, candid in everything but still cowardice is the only way she adopts to avoid every temptation.

She is at pause with herself ...her words deter to come out...mind yells aloud all names that are hidden in devious lines on her palm …wishing for the peace…rejuvenating little pebbles to throw one by one.
May be more aesthetically some day.

Just to spend a little more time and wishing you were here!!!

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  1. nice one... i miss you all girly! keep writing and sharing :)


    You have such nice blog and I will come back to read more.

    Keep writing.

  3. mehreen we miss you very much. environment here isn't the same :( take a very good care <3

  4. dear **thinking**

    my blood is rushing pretty good reading your comment. Thank you so very much .

    I hope to see you again here quite often.

    take a very good care.

    thank you again :)