Friday, April 22, 2011

" A Tribute "

I was comfortably wrapping up my stuff at office till I got a message; breaking this sad demise of one of the fine artist I have known, all from my childhood and right now I feel really heart broken.

And after that I can actually feel this void somewhere within vicinity and to my extreme surprise I was just remembering his act in one of the drama ‘Rozee’ early morning today.

I was really young when I saw the drama and i hardly could make sense out of it but it was then I realized what an actor can do, creating an environment so overwhelming that it hovers your mind for long.

It feels as if you grow up with these things and people and I have started feeling old with such sudden but for sure displacement.

It was with that I realized an act of fighting and impersonating, love and affection. It was then i understood what sentiments possibly could be.The dialogues, altruistic delievery and much more.

These are people who made us smile and now I see millions of them crying for moeen akhtar today.

I always used to wonder if a there is some replacement, if someone can take place of any individual. My vision comes back to me in refute.

It’s just that we learn to live without people and they make a wonderful memory somewhere in our memoryhood and those are most wonderful beings; who can make their space, alive or dead. He was surely one of them.

Dear God,

I know and I understand sooner or later, we are all going to meet you. It’s just that we have developed a strange affinity with things you bestowed us with and this surrounding seems so known, so ours. I understand, I will forget this within days but please call us while we are strong enough to handle ourselves to be dragged towards you. Make us call you in our last breathes and hope that we become one of the most cherished memory for people here, while being with you.

‘A word of prayer for legendary artists’.

Allah bless us all.

"This post is dedicated to all our four artist who we lost in just few months. May allah make things easier for them and forgive them."

Dhoondo gay agar mulkon mulkon milnay kay nahiin nayaab hain hum
Taabiir hai jis kii hasrat-o-gham ay ham-nafso woh khwaab hain hum

Main hairat-o-hasrat kaa maaraa, khaamosh kharra hoon saahil per
Daryaa-e-muhabbat kehtaa hai aa kuch bhi nahin payaab hain hum

Ay dard-e-muhabbat tuu hii bata ab tak yeh mua'mma hal na huwa
Hum main hai dil-e-be-taab nihaan yaa aap dil-e-be-taab hain hum

Laakhon hii musaafir chaltay hain manzil peh ponchtay hian dou aik
Ay ehl-e-zamaana qadar karo nayaab na hon kam-yaab hain hum

Murghaan-e-qafas ko phoolon nay ay Shaad yeh kya kehlaa bhaijaa
Aa jaao jo tum ko aanaa ho, aesay main bhi tou shadaab hain hum...!!


  1. May their souls rest in peace. amien

  2. It's really a sad news, coupled with the 3 tragic deaths of other artists. It's disappointing the way artists are left to rot here in Pakistan.

    Nice tribute dear! Miss you! xx

  3. Its a year of death of our great celebrities. So sad to hear the sudden death of him. You gave a nice tribute to him. xo xo

  4. hmm...its very sad indeed....

    I still remember...drama Rozee...but there are so many acts and drama Moin Akhtar did which made all of them outstanding...what an artist....

    Yes...its very sad.

  5. thankyou guys =) May Allah bless the departed soul.