Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Language of Expressions

You turned everything the way you thought was better; and I entrusted you with all my head and heart.  Even if that was a game I played with my eyes closed; trusting on first vibe that hit my mind or picking the chit that was just between you and me.

In my childhood you were an inch away; now there are some clouds and more gushes of wind or smoke that fills the air. Where did I lose you; where did I stumbled on way or broke the bricks that built my heart where I pursued you?

There are illusions and realities that hit me on blindside or early morning alone I thought I suddenly am missing you.  But ‘hope’ that constitutes the pillar of all weaknesses or substitute the faith to be on par.

You were there when world twitched a bit but I was away when flying without fear.

Today I realized what I am missing so I gave you my hand; with my head nodded; I decide to walk right behind you. There is no question or reason than to tell you that if degrees starts from 0 to 10 where 0 is life and love is higher on scale then there is no way to get it wrong you always mark the start or the  end.

Dear god, thanks for giving us everything; there is too much to say; too  much to quote; way too much to remember  but we have learnt the language of expressions that our tongue doesn’t speak ; they are whispered straight  through the heart and pass secured as they go towards you.

 Catch you soon guys

Take Care =)


  1. hmmm that was very beautiful Humaira..well written..I hope we all realize this soon:-)

  2. Nice post... I was talking to my dad about this stuff one day he said that every person goes through this quest at some point in life no matter who he is... the quest for truth, something bigger then your self and you ought to have a little confusion to find true clarity and peace...

  3. Dear God, thanks for giving us everything-- is the key sentence here.********Excellent!
    Expression, even with the silencer mode turned “ON,” is heard by God.

    Humaira, keep up the good work.

  4. Beautiful way of giving credit to all blessings.

  5. Humaira,

    Read both pending posts. It is true that life has fair share of pains and we have to face it boldly. I am sorry to learn that you lost one of your parents. No matter how old you are, we always look for advice from them. I sincerely believe that God listens to prayers made honestly with sincere heart silently rather than with a lot of pomp & show.

    Take care