Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~ My Day Shall Come ~

a season will come...
we will jublify all the resentments 
and make merry about tomorrow 
of hidden happiness and drift away sorrows 
that day shall come ...

we will throw arms around each other 
and spread the laughter 

for this life is twined with tiny little things 
tiny little happiness in your tiny little eyes 

as they shine with tiny little light 
and your hand marks the future with tiny little lines 

that day shall come when words would pour like water from Niagara falls 
and we will take a bath in heavenly shower of all

and my day shall come when i will rise above myself 
if lost in woods, found , read or propel

I am going through bunch of those days which usually shut down inner voices and there are random pictures going in front of your eyes. Like looking for a solution without considering your own opinion. Like you are invisible in the crowd or to make your self distinct in the crowd you stand on chair and shout but your voice go unnoticed.

Yesterday our land lady fell quite ill. Since i come back home slightly late so i miss most of the happenings of the day. The sight of my mother in exasperation told me millions of stories and if she hadn't uttered a word i might have bursted out thinking about million of things that possibly could go wrong. My mother is quite sensitive heart and she can hardly control emotions or boundary line them. That lady is quite aged and as much as i see in her eyes is the insecurity about her things and her assets. It keeps me wondering what goes into our heart as we group up. Half of our life is spent struggling hard; making name in this big world; setting our foot right; finding our fit survival and rest half in taking care of them. 

Suddenly a phone bell rang; Her son spoke at the other end from US .

he : What happened to mom?

someone here: she is not well...

he : what do you mean by not well?

someone here: she has been admitted to hospital.

he : can you exactly tell what happened to her?

someone here: she felt dizzy and hit the car but nothing damaged her apparently 

he : what's dizzy ?

someone here :( for god sake; you are living in America and cant understand whats dizzy... but may be he is worried )... errr... it means she was in half sleepy mode and  partially awake. 

he: Is she breathing? 

someone here: Of course please don't worry she will be alright! 

suddenly there was a sleek noise in silence; someone was breathing making it difficult to breath through nasal; then sobs and tears.

she will be alright i said!!!

Cal dropped...

I could feel the pain but couldn't find the intensity of it till i heard that old lady saying " my son! please forget me.. forget me please!"

So that sums up our life cycle. Life that we ought to live for others sometimes seems too far ; sometimes just goes away like that ; sometimes its the idea of living sometimes it is just a normal doing. 

I don't know what meaning you might get from this post but i couldn't discuss it with myself to run into conclusion. Few years back when i was young and could gaze directly into people eyes made me go positive ; but now it seems so fragile. 
Like a rose that suddenly starts decaying or it flies away leaving its root behind.

By the way lady had a stroke in process but she is fine by the grace of Allah =)

Take Care and hope to see you all soon!

I hardly get time to write and read you guys which definitely means i am missing on a lot of good stuff but i will share what i read from you ; read from others or learnt it finally; no matter how rough that way was =)



  1. work of art... and for the later part I guess being fragile is what makes it so special and precious... sometimes I think if you are given unlimited(and I mean latterly) amount of time to do a task would ever do it...out of boredom you might... but there can't be any thrill to it... don't you think ?

  2. Might be I could not get the background of this. But I felt this close to heart. Take care of yourself :)

  3. one can feel the emotions and helplessness at both ends of phone...but nice to know tat she is fine now :)

  4. thank you guys and zahid of course there will be boredom in excess of time so i am keeping a check for maximum time utilization :P

  5. o btw later part in my opinion was slightly different; fragile in a sense that now when i believe things will go better for me or someone else then sometimes exactly opposite happens.