Friday, November 4, 2011

~ We Live Under the Same Sky ~

It was a bit foggy day and equally mystical night; a radio was tuned in a slightly lighter tone.
The guy hosting  the show was reading some famous poetry and talking about a world that seems really fragile; very tenderly as he was speaking about intricacies of life that I don’t know in which phase matters, Or when they make their appearance.

As a child our definitions are quite clear.  Everything is crystal clear as you look back then; with the eyes erected on heart but in late age canvas of life completely changes.

There is no adequate meaning or definitions and hence you play with this gratitude that few things might be placed well with the hit and trial we practice in our life.
Naturally chilly weather was seeping into my body through my bones and there was a time I felt helpless. Going on a walk and too lazy for the dinner; I decided to place my rugs right in front of a fire place looking at flames featuring aggression that my body was unable to show.
Thinking about promises I made back home. Leaving those eyes in pain and discomfort.
Thinking about times where I went wrong. Holding a lot of baggage in my chest. Sometimes words are not enough; sometimes they seize to flow, Sometimes you don’t know where to go but in the end what matters is the extra special care of heart; no matter whose heart it is.
I remember the question being asked time and again:  what is that ‘something’ more precious to you. Regardless of the fact what materials and feelings might be on the other side ; all I could thought of was a heart ‘ heart of gold’ this is what everyone has; every normal being until they go psycho but question to ask is who supports you if you ever been in such situation.

That’s how I ran away from things; that’s why I feel weakness in my bones.
Living under the same sky with different shades of the day made me cross millions of miles. Hiding away from you was not easy nor seeing you cry was but we as human go really selfish; instantly we start prioritizing things and sometimes it’s totally wrong in order. 

I don’t know if I will ever be with you again but one thing is for sure; in my heart I spaced you and many valuable people precisely. They can’t be overlapped, not be hidden or come under weight.

It’s that strong connection that will be ringing as soon as I will hear your name or when you whisper a thought about me in your old age or now.
The passion for you won’t be taken or ever shaken. Love can scarcely be found in happiness; it’s a strong friendship. Love can’t be found in distress they are mere hurtful emotions, sometimes mindless.
Love is found in your smile; in your eyes; taking care of your heart; being your back; reaching spiritual heights; finding you easily in the huge crowd; on the path over the road facing hardships but still giving each other hand and support to move on; drenched in rain hiding you under the cover right below the clouds; chasing the big sky and equally un measured life.

Happy weekend guys =)
Take Care of others heart because God lives in there.
**Yayyy holidays **


  1. yet another beautiful read ! btw where is the casual post that you promised ?! work on that too..ok.and HAPPY holidays to you too..P.S Eid Mubarak;-)

  2. hmmm....very nice...thought provoking post....

  3. Humaira,

    Read 5 pending posts now. You seem to be very pensive, what is the matter? Do share instead of bottling up.

    Take care

  4. Nicely penned down. Eid Mubarak :)

  5. Nice post! Last para was epic! :)

    But there is a little discontinuance in the flow which makes it a little difficult to get the whole thing.


  6. true love has to be shares everything in itself....its a great gift u could give or get.......but if love is only a one-sided affair then its hard to control and absorb everything inside urself but u have to coz life never stops for u.....u hv to move forward with no regrets inside coz regrets make life difficult and make u vulnerable to defeat and humans r made to struggle and struggle, not for losing their hearts........btw nicely collected random thoughts.....have a great weekend....

  7. thanks all of you to vsist my page =)

    dear uncle jack, its plaeasure to have you on my blog and i am perfectly doing great by the grace fo almighty. I really am sorry if my posts sound so grim. :$

  8. anonymous : your comment made me think about alot of things already. About the life we live and what we give and get. I would never disagree with the importance of being in love or loved and regret has to be eliminated too. But everything comes with a price so i feel sad there our physchologist out there writing books of how to keep a relationship good.Ultimately you need strategies no matter how much love is there. What do you say ?

  9. Umer thanks for you feed back please also tell what you find discontinous so that i can either defend or improve myself . thanks

  10. yes to build great relationships u need great stragtegies but sometimes relationships can naturally be so strong that strategies are embedded in them, u dont have to explicitly devise one......e.g the relationship between a parent and a child....u wont need to describe evrythng to ur parents bcoz they know u inside out.....similarly if u're able to or lucky enough to build relationship on true trust then evrythng becomes apparent for ur partner.....u wont need to say anythng and he/she would support u no matter what......but true trust is rare and a bit of optimisation as reality we as humans hv our limitations so yes pragmatically u would need plans to make things work out.....and btw i never thought that my comment was going to be thought provoking :-p but u seem to be a quite sensitive person...have a great week ahead and stay blessed :-)...

  11. also true love has that 'true trust' attached to u would need little work to carry the relationship forward in this case and much much harder work to find that particular person who could love + trust you this way.......