Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rush Hour

If to worry could solve my problems I must have worried whole day and whole night but it came to me that worrying is not only squeezing my energies but also making me weaker on this promising day.

I also inferred that my thought processes were diverted more towards pessimism rather than being energetic and strong. These lessons were fed by nature in chunks and hence taking its due time for evaluation.

Today I planned to take an off from my office and managed to see daylight happenings as well. Half of my day was spent following the sun shines; something that was so soothing and making my chilled bones active. I was glad to see a lot of birds chirping; Alas! My digitally to good to be true life has nothing in it that can make me praise this nature! 

I could see a lot of kids playing in street shouting aloud, running behind guys selling pop corns and ice cream. Fearless laughter, pranks and a little girl who is jumping on her feet and her feet taking turn with the snapping of her fingers. Humming in such a careless attitude; so overwhelmed; totally rolling in imagination.

 I had no idea how time slipped by ; I kept gazing at them and it also felt that I had wanting eyes ; a sadness occupied me somehow; something completely uninvited  ; I can’t be careless ; can’t be totally free ; sometimes I also feel I have lost myself in crowd and I need to accumulate myself to always keep it intact. Sometimes I want to hide, sometimes I want to rule.

Half of my heart is ready to take up challenges; the other half is just introvert; removes this fever.

Still new day seems to bring a lot of new things to catch up with. I wish to hinder my own self finding answers in others eyes. They don’t have vision as preemptive and as prepared as yours is for your own good.

Follow your intuitions they are somehow carrying all of the answers; sometimes we miss to interpret them well; sometimes we over write them but they come back to us; knock the door asking for another evaluation.

Hope you all are doing well and running at a good pace =))

See you again very soon.

Take Care 


  1. At times I feel the same as if I have lost myself. Might be everyone around us feel same at some point in life. Hope you had good relaxing day :)

  2. To trust your intuitions is the key to finding yourself :) .. Nice Post!

  3. Better! take up challenges whole heartedly to stay motivated. you have to have a vision to make it come true.

    "Subh hoti hai shaam hoti hai, umr yoon he tamaam hoti hai."

    Stay happy and optimistic!

  4. I wish you success in what you have chosen for your self. Nice post! :)