Friday, December 30, 2011

~I have a feeling that tonight gonna be a good night ~

Err… at some good instant today I tried signing in to my blogger’s profile and rush towards latest posts i could read and came across a blogger friend’s post which made me feel a little more embarrassed.
Btw my weekend starts today and I realized today was the last working day of my 2011 and we are entering into 2012. Anyways coming back to the post; it was second tag post asking me to write something about myself. I also realized how reserve I am when it comes to sharing something about me. I was quite strict with my rules initially and when ultimately I had to settle with the society with more people I never saw before; those things in me got jumbled up. In effort to keep myself on track I did hit and hurt myself many a times. Well mishi not writing about the post literally marks two more things in me 1) I was struggling with a lot of things now a days 2) I am lazy 3) There are some self imposed things on me which makes me feel miserable at times :P .
In short I have grown up to be a very sensitive person and also little things have started hurting me more than I used to or maybe I am finding myself in these hinges too. I have started feeling responsible of a lot of things at home and at office or with friends which necessarily shouldn’t be taken that serious and can be dealt as the time comes.
So without any waste of time I am going to answer questions associated with this tag post. I hope my excuses sound powerful enough.
1-*Mention at-least 5 good things that happened with you this year.

Hmm good things tough question.
- We shifted to a new place; I will call it a good thing.
- I was promoted to a senior level position.
- I am by the real grace of Allah getting things that I planned.
- I drove and drove and driving means a stabilizer of mind and body no?
- I got to know my family more and with every passing day I drew closer to them =))
Really I had to write a lot of things but those things couldn’t be carried by these five points. In short my spiritual relation with god kept on following sine wave but his relation with me stayed constant. I have more and more love for him then the love I grew up keeping for him in my heart =))

   2-*At-least 5 things that you desperately want to do next year.

hmmm that’s a good one but it’s not about the year; it something that I keep on planning but I do hope I get some more courage to deal with myself first
-      I want to buy a car; my personal car. With this hope that this change is going to free me with chain of dependency I had. I wish so.
-      I want to control my sensitivity; if I see someone having an accident early morning on road and his forehead bleeding …I need to move forward hoping that there are a lot of miseries and you can’t put yourself down like that .Need to control those eyes that ultimate gave a tunnel to clearly see what is running in heart. Need to be strong. Very strong.
-      Want at least two of my siblings getting married this year. Really Really Really!!!!! I hope you are able to see intensity
-      Want to be of some help for my family especially my mother. I love her.
-      Want to be a bit more decisive about my career. This year should make me more better at what I am doing or simply quit IT industry and work out on my weight ; my dresses freshness health diet :P not that I am planning to be a house wife in 2012 lol

3-*At-least 5 things that you want to avoid next year.
Hmm 5 things I want to avoid
-      Avoid people who cannot deal with me and my nature. Believe me people would never change their selves but would like you to change for them. Excuse them and ask them to spare you. Deal with them with your chin up.
-      Avoid eating junk food and focus on healthy food (LOL) ;)
-      Avoid being lazy and show up every day YES!
-      Avoid laziness again and be regular in my prayers and building up a healthy relation with my lord.
-      Avoid being over sensitive.
-      Avoid getting sick. 2011 from March I am suffering from enormous problems, I am glad I am better now. Just imagine I utilized whole outpatient facility on me. Hmmm

Phew!!! I am done yayyyy. I really wanted to write something at the end; a poem perhaps but I am not in my full groove at the moment.Thank you blogger friends for being with me thorough every thick and thin. At least I am sure you would hardly harm me. And then I would like to meet you one day so whosever comes to Pakistan and Lahore please post it down on your blogs and maybe we can share our experiences that way =))

Take care
Have a very happy weekend =)
O by the way I have been listening to this song whole day:
Khwab adhoray sahi ;khwab saharay tu hein
dreams may never be accomplished but they are our support


  1. Dreams are the best friends, as they give you company without waisting your time.
    In fact, dream good for a better time ahead, and turn your dream into reality.
    May Allah make 2012 a pleasant reality for everyone.

  2. Humaira,

    Read 2 posts now. It is good to take off some times to enjoy but it should not hamper career. One should never be sad feeling that something is missed but look for avenues to do those. Thanks for sharing some of your traits. Hope that you do achieve what you wish to next year. One should not change just for getting accepted but remain true to own conscience. God listens to a prayer said silently but with sincere heart.

    Take care

  3. awwwwwww finally a personal post by Humaira!
    Thankyou so much for trying Humaira..em honored seriously and
    I really enjoyed reading about the personal side of you..please do read more about sound to be wonderful person!
    and btw I live in Lahore!!! :p