Sunday, December 11, 2011


This time weather took a deeper swing. I could feel chilled bones and walking down the road was also hazy. There were few lamps blinking on the road and silence; as much as I needed at that moment. I don’t know why we had to cross at this particular crossing. Not only our eyes met; there was a magnetic effect that clanged upon us. I stood quite as my feet were stoned and I could hardly see upfront. At my back was my past that I crossed with all affection and this abjuration was never intended. He was speaking as if he was miles away; about so many things which slugged my head and found nowhere to go. The echoing voices around; it felt he never had any full stops in his life. The voice kept hovering the air breaking every element of eeriness around. That’s the only time I wished earth should not be round.

Take Care guys; busy days but an urge to write keep us going. no?

I hope you all are good and healthy ...

See you all very soon and thanks for stopping by =)

* Also i am suppose to write a tag post which is half way to completion. lest it will be coming soon :$ *

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  1. Nicely summed up. I liked it when you said I wished earth should not be round. Made me think of many different things :)