Friday, December 2, 2011

Short Stories


Agony is not watching you deteriorating every day as a tree that fell down in forest one in a million but it is what it is, real pain is to measure the time that’s swiftly going forward without you, so there were two possibilities to keep everything intact either to spend rest of my life digging down the pain we saw together or to keep a burner in my hand and search for you places and in people. But the real agony is that; choosing either of the way is not going to decrease anything neither in time nor in heart.


That was quite a nasty day with nature playing absolute pranks with me; leaving my bro car in a tightly packed traffic and hunting for a rickshaw made me meet a girl who have found inner peace. Wow! What a feel and contentment I could see as she spoke about the job she left to taking a veil.  The distance that she travelled for finding purity in love is just like piling up the raw facts and peeling them up for further simplification. She cooked best food for her infinity while I was still pulling myself in traffic finding my way to office with whirlpool of other thoughts scripting away this facet quite quickly in my mind’s chamber at lowest degree possible.

A Monologue

There are people in this world who will put their weaknesses on you. So be brave; finding problems in yourself is sanity but considering yourself a culprit always is foolishness.  Sometimes forgiveness is important but there are a time when keeping your dignity becomes imperative. Life will put you in a situation when your cooked food will come out to be raw; that’s the point where real decisions are taken. Be sure; real person stand by his decisions; others they just run away leaving their self almost nonexistent not only here but in the life hereafter.

--Zara chehra tu dikhao aur thora sa muskarao – Duniya ke ghum bhulao aur thora sa muskurao --

What comes to your mind singing this song? While as far as I am concerned it brings a face absolutely hidden; sometimes batting eyes sometimes a vision; often very fragile of ‘someone’ … replaced by strong ‘someone’ and vice verse. A feeling is precious as it is occasionally produced and promises a lot of affection; once disrupt breaks the charm as a wine glass breaks down in a hustle. It not only damages divinity of the moment but also spread shattered pieces of glass making it meaningless. So secure your expressions from the outside world it is between you and that one 'someone'. For others it is just an entertainment.

~ Take care Guys ~

( The idea of sharing these stories is like sharing mine or other's day to day experience with you . 
If you like them i will try to put more notes quite often. It not only helps me summarizing long experiences but also make me realise apt use of words. While i am still in progress-- )



  1. This is a beautiful way to express daily happenings. Off course,we would like to see more of them :) xx

  2. and where is the Tag post?:-(

  3. touching words which keep us going in life confidently.

    keep writing such stories:)

  4. short stories are good, but may be one story per post?

  5. mishi tag post is coming soon; i was free at office and therefore came up with this.

    thanks zeeshan your idea is good it is going to benefit me the most :P

    iqra thanks then you will see more =)

  6. danish welcome to my blog. glad you liked reading. hope to see you again =)

    take care

  7. Great post. Thanks for stopping by. I can totally relate to agony.

  8. Great assessment, cool short stories. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw! I´m following you now :)

  9. Humaira,

    Read 2 pending posts now. You are so right saying that we spend half of our life making assets and rest in taking care of those. In first half we forgo so much of happiness which is there is small things which we miss out due to preoccupation of making more and more while in second half we are sick with worries lest someone dupe us of what we have. Really sorry state of affairs. Why not make that much as you need and enjoy with our near & dear ones? It is so nice of you to share what goes on in your mind in these short stories. Satisfaction is when one is at peace with self and takes what so ever life thrown at him or her with courage.

    Take care

  10. hmm....good short stories...looking forward for more...

  11. all stories are worth reading and the story about "Feeling" is the best one.