Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Day Break

It is not so a very happening day. Lost in many things i tread myself towards my work. Work being done; thought of taking respite but winters in this region are too daunting; Also since I lately changed my job so means of entertainment seems to vanish away and there is a need to create new . I clanged upon a heater but still it snores and makes color of my hand turn darker and tan. Tuned on my radio it seems these presenters have no plot; no seriously I am not downgrading their efforts or spontaneity but at times they don’t make sense or their music. My time today appears to be sailing at a snail speed. Like an inchworm making its way through.
Waiting this day to end!!!

Some lines for you that i was able to carve during my few minutes break.

The day turns darker and sun skids in blue
My eyes seems to drown in frosting fathom
Hoping you shall turn out to be a perfect bliss
And my eyes wait and ploughing way through to you...

Take Care


  1. I agree at times it feels like this. And I'd not agree more about radio VJ's. At times they really don't make any sense :P


  3. Humaira,

    Caught up with all pending posts. Hope previous one is a fiction only. Why did you change job? Hope you are happy in this one. Farewells are always emotional. Life moves on and we have to part with our near & dear ones for sake of jobs. Why are you so restless as shown in this?

    Take care