Wednesday, February 2, 2011

--Your Tears and My Space--

God has given you a heart of gold and sheer sense of sprouting the inner love,sock down the despondence and hatred therefore I owe you a little of my life too.

Listen, did you hear the inner voice that says nothing is permanent not even the dark bruise that is nipped down somewhere I can’t reach and see within your heart.

 I can’t see the inner you but ever since then I saw you first toggling down to your step I am fully absolved somewhere in the world that doesn’t belong to me.

Emotions come straight from heart and I almost detest the moisture, it then turns everything so gruff; the atmosphere and therefore everything stings to the most.

And that time when I had to face the arduous truth, I understood that I can hold everything life genuinely tried to throw at me, made me stumbled but not the tears that fell down from your face. Your image was in vague and I know your whole world was meshed up too. But the lining of this flowing sea had to be drawn; for how I would like to take the pride that I ever stood by you. So I tried to move my hand and take away the water tickling down but it felt like I had to run away from everything that sees you. Run away from all the eyes or make them go beyond the vision that your sense might have understood.

I therefore acclaim that a man loses many times in life but sometimes it’s beyond the space provided.So you don’t go up a little on your paws nor does ground opens up to accumulate you that easily.


  1. Loved it to bits Humaira!!

    The writer in you is growing so beautifully! :)

  2. Loved it to heart :) Beautiful blend of words :) xx

  3. thanks alot warm sunshine, zeeshan for such encouranging words=)

    thankyou iqra for taking out time and dropping by =)