Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Dear valley,
Something in the air tells me that coming days are going to bring a change; for I have build my emotions and world with much care and love and the clouds hovering over the head encompassing this strange feeling of me not belonging to somewhere; I knitted with my own hand.

My beautiful world had a perfect picture and glimpse of smiles and laughter, somber and deprivation.
This town and my league seem to be garbled now.

It took a while to think we belong to our own region and head towards our own destination and therefore I have decided to flee where circumstances and my luck take me to be.
Behind me seems a vacant space, ahead is the gruesome valley and where as I ready to take another jump. I still remember my first flight when my family helped me to bring on the verge and I thought it to be my culmination point but when first time I moved my feather to see if world around me existed; I got to know this is just the beginning of where I ended my last ride.

I had to fly to earn my name, to earn my bread and butter and this troposphere seems to lack required oxygen now and therefore for the perfect living I have to move the other way.
Dear valley, my love and affection cannot be and would never be affected with this motley. I have this sense to save all I have experienced and I can still have an aroma of knowing where my home is.
I will come back to cherish the space; this life brought to me but with an assurance to have my eyes opened here; once I feel suffocated again.

With much love,
An engrossed inhabitant.


  1. Phoolon ki qadar poochoo, Us Waqt kay Maray Say
    Kantoon pay jis nay, Ek Ommer Guzari hai


    Nice (Y)

  2. i can relate to this.

  3. "Home Is Where Your Heart Is" true..beautiful thought..wonderfully expressed :)

  4. Quite impressive title, really liked the post much.. :)