Saturday, February 19, 2011

-- LIFE --->

 I am lost in the world of unknown and only escape, savior to obstruction visible and viable is unknown too. All acronyms seems to lie within the place of obscurity and life with so many vibrant colors and features fell into it . Weather has suddenly turned greasy as if tired of shedding everything it had after a brief rain shower.
You are in turmoil and gauge to see who is where?! But suddenly a wave surpassed and all visibility is covered with nothingness and faces abruptly turned towards west part of the forgotten scale.

You silently move backward to save what you have left behind but annoying voices and sheer tickling is too over powering and it gnaws the inner peace, it hurts the weaklings residing somewhere within you.
You stood stoned to see what else you have in you, time to measure new dimensions of your own personality. Nature calls it a 'CHANGE'  but it’s the conspiracy of not taking blame to make you what you may never wanted to be or proud to make a reason of sowing the seed, to grow the way you wanted it to be.
Take a deep breath! Follow your instincts, they may guard you by appearing as another person and when it finally starts confusing you …Exhale!

Dear Life! I have seen you in the moments gone …in the moments of hope… in the gloss of a lost love …in the memories of the treasure gone… in the chirping of the seasoned birds… in the flower I grew to see brisk and bracing…in the dreams of midnight …in the loneliness…in the happiness.
How hard I tried to grip these strings:  they open up with no start found, with no end grabbed.
In the end I am open handed and empty handed, dumbstruck with the vows of my solidarity, with the solitude that is happily perplexed. With the notion of dropping the abstract, keeping all details to my own obsession. Hoping someday you will play the riddle again, this time I will win, with all synonyms out of place, antonyms I will redesign.  No statement is the understatement but only statement that holds true is the statement of felicity or jeopardy.
Right now I am bemused to see which statements brings the reason of me socking the face with a natural glow as I wait by, in the presence of your afterglow.
Take my name, come to me, sit closer to me and let’s have a silent discussion. We will make a win- win situation, I will hide you from all deepening eyes as they disappeared in the mobilize wave of change.

‘Life with all your abstruse meanings and colors, you fell into obscurity ’


  1. that's an interesting outlook.

  2. thankyou zeeshan =)

    thankyou noir: its been long since i visited your blog. hope you are doing great with your life. catch you soon there.